Do you love driving and travelling? If so, you surely want to experience some of the most scenic of the world’s drives. There are actually so many more than what you would imagine at first glance. No matter what your desire is, put on your roof racks for cars and do consider the following as surely being among the most beautiful you will ever see.

Big Sur – California

Arguably the most beautiful drive in the world, Big Sur is an incredible experience between Monterey and Morro Bay. You will surely not be able to find a better drive in the US. You will start at Monterey and go south with the Pacific Ocean right on your right. As you pass through many different scenic locations you quickly figure out that you want to experience the 123 mile drive again and again. Obviously, the route is reversible and there are many cabin rentals you can consider if this is what you would want.

North Coast 500 – Scotland

Many see that this is the answer to the famous US Route 66. The drive is truly atmospheric and it is actually a circular tour. You should start at Inverness and then go and experience some of the really remote roads that the country has to offer. It is perfect for the motorcyclists though and not necessarily for small car owners. However, if you decide to visit during winter, you want to give it a try with your 4×4 vehicle. Rent a car at Inverness if you do not want to consider driving to Scotland.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse – Austria

With the great landscape that Austria offers and that welcomes tourists from all around the world, it should be no surprise to see this famous route on the list. You only end up driving for around 48 kilometers, which is a lot less than with other scenic routes. However, this is not to be dismissed. The bends are tremendous for the thrill seekers. If you are a sports car enthusiast, you want to be sure that you consider this Austrian drive.

Yukon Golden Circle – North America

It is a shame to see that this scenic route does not enjoy the popularity it deserves. Most people do not really know much about it but we are talking about a highly historic destination. The Gold Rush did happen here and now we have a circular route of 487 miles that is incredibly scenic. It passes through many great passes and snow-capped mountains, all together with historic towns. If you love nature and you simply want to experience some culture or history while you drive, this route should be on your list.

Plan Your Trip

All the 4 scenic routes that we presented above are worth a visit. Obviously, many others exist all around the world. However, what is very important is being sure that you plan the trip accordingly. Since you will most likely find yourself travelling for long distances, have patience and do be sure you plan everything properly.