When you’re planning your summer holiday, Croatia is not usually the number one place that comes to mind. Having previously been renowned as a resort exclusively for the wealthy, it is now a country on the rise. And why shouldn’t it be? With over 300 miles of stunning coastline bordering the Adriatic Sea, mountainous central regions and a rich history, it’s a destination not to be missed out on.


If you have a particular interest in history, Croatia is bound to have you enthralled. In 1998, Croatia finally became its own independent country but as a result still bears fresh wounds from its battle to get there. This means that the country is littered with monuments and museums definitely worth a visit. The walled city of medieval Dubrovnik will be of particular interest to history enthusiasts. Situated only 20km from the airport, it is a great base for a holiday for exploring Croatia. The city also has beautiful clear waters for swimming and an abundance of shopping streets for those who are less enthralled by its history.

Culturally Croatia is mish-mash of language and nationalities. Each city varies from the next, and you’ll find yourself wanting to return time and again to see all the sights and experience every aspect of the culture. Music is a big thing for the people of Croatia, and if you’re visiting in July it’s worth getting a ticket for the Soundwave Festival in Tisno. In a beautiful setting beside the sea, the festival has three stages and is regarded as one of Europe’s biggest parties.

For those that prefer more outdoor activities than sunbathing and swimming on their holidays, the inland mountainous region can offer everything from hiking to biking in a slightly cooler climate. The beach side resort of Zadar has a brilliant mix of activities with everything from a historic quarter alongside shopping streets to diving and rafting.

If you’ve now made up your mind that Croatia is somewhere you have to visit, you should know a little bit first about the cuisine. Again, dining in Croatia is a mixed pot and is dependent on where you’re based. If you’re a fan of herbs and spices with a Turkish influence, head to the mainland. The coastal region specialise more in Mediterranean flavours. If you’re not a fan of trying out new dishes, despite Croatia’s food all once being simple ‘peasant’ food, they now offer food from around the world. You’re bound to find something somewhere that’ll have something to suit your taste, even if it is the food you could have had staying at home!

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to book a holiday in this destination, Sunshine is one of a number of holiday companies that offers amazing deals for every budget. Cruises are a particularly popular method of visiting Croatia and are on the increase. By taking a cruise to the country, you’ll be able to sample different parts of the country in small breaks. This is the favourite holiday of several A list celebrities and the rich, but can also be done on a budget too.