A Holiday in South East England

A holiday in South East England is fantastic, and you will be amazed at the huge array of different activities, historical sites and opportunities in this area. This region of England has many different contrasts and is a fascinating place to explore. You will be provided with lasting holiday memories for you to take home and enjoy.

The South East of England is one of the nine official regions that make up the country and contains many incredible places. Within this area, East Sussex is situated, which is just one of the exciting places to explore whilst on holiday. Alongside the incredible landscapes and changing seasonal gardens, you will soon discover that this area is home to many musicians, authors, actors and poets.

East Sussex provides the ultimate base for your holiday, and from this location, you can reach many of the different attractions. You can even explore further afield, and take a trip to London, where there are a huge number of different things to see and do. One of the most popular attractions is the Jack the Ripper tour.

This fascinating and spine chilling tour happens every night and is not for the faint hearted. You will be able to experience something completely different whilst on a holiday in South East England. Taking the same sinister footsteps that this serial killer took, you will be able to inspect the murder sites, and look at the evidence, which eventually captured this evil killer.

Once back in East Sussex, there are several historical sites and buildings for you and family to enjoy. Many of the houses and towns in the area are connected to famous people such as Jane Austin, Charles Dickens and Kenneth Grahame. Guest accommodation can be found easily, and you never know whose house you may be staying in for the night.

Booking your accommodation in advance is essential, and during peak times the popular towns and cities in the area become full of tourists. A holiday in South East England would not be complete without a trip to Brighton. This historical seaside town has been popular with tourists for hundreds of years.

The proximity of Brighton to London makes it the ideal place for short breaks, and day trippers searching for something different. The diverse culture in Brighton makes it a relaxed place to visit, with seaside attractions, excellent shopping and many bars and restaurants. Whether you choose to stay in Brighton or visit for the day, you will want to return very soon.

Further along the coast, you will discover the South Downs, which is an amazing area of natural beauty. This range of chalk hills extend over 250 square miles, and is a popular place for hikers, dog walkers and horse riders to explore. If you are seeking slightly more adventure, you can try the paragliding or hand gliding, which is popular on the downs.

There are several small, picturesque villages to explore in East Sussex; however, some have been used in books and films. Ditchling is a quaint village, which you will recognise from the book The Snowman. Raymond Briggs lives close to this village, and he took his inspiration from the local scenery and landscapes.

If you enjoy nature and want to spend some time exploring all of the different wildlife in the area, a visit to Stoneywish is essential. This amazing 50 acre nature reserve is a former dairy farm located in Lewes. The area has been developed and is now home to a huge array of different landscapes and environments.

The South East of England is famous for the historical landmarks and fascinating areas, which make up part of the country’s history. One of the most famous battlefields can be found in Hastings, and you will need to ensure that you visit whilst on a holiday in South East England. Battle Abbey and the 1066 battlefield are both incredibly popular attractions.

You can drive to the exact location that this incredibly famous battle took place. One thing to check, is where you can park. Regardless of why you choose to visit the South East of England there is plenty for you to explore and enjoy. The weather may be unpredictable; however, the people are friendly, the food divide, and the attractions fascinating.