The question is do you? You do? Great here are our recommendations for the best party hotspots in the Med. You want foam, champagne spray and a great tan? Then read on, pick your cheap holiday destination and book it Danno! Sorry we couldn’t help the Hawaii Five-O reference but these hotspots are strictly in the Mediterranean, honest.

The Balearics

If hedonist is your middle name or is tattooed somewhere on your body, a holiday to Ibiza will feel like coming home. This island never sleeps so it’s in keeping that there are no beds here. Only joking, of course there are but you won’t spend much time in them. Not with such a throbbing nightlife full of bars and clubs that encourage you to spend the long and eventful night with them.

San Antonio and Ibiza Town should be your nightly destinations of choice with top club Pacha high on your list. Although there’s a new club in town vying for your attention as of 22nd May this year. Bomba is the brainchild of Pacha’s former music director Danny Whittle. Get ready for an epic dance-off and DJs at dawn.

If Ibiza isn’t your cup of tea, head to Magalluf when on Majorca holidays. It is very similar to Ibiza, just a bit more budget friendly and popular with younger crowds looking for a holiday of a lifetime.

Marbella, Spain

You don’t need WAG stamped in your passport to head to the Costa del Sol, but you might bump grinding hips with a few whilst you’re there. Marbella has always been a big hit when it comes to cheap holidays but it also attracts minted WAGS, their footballer boyfriends and husbands as well as reality and soap stars.

Get your hair extensions tangled up with a few TOWIE stars on the dance floor in the Peurto Banus bars and clubs. See if you can get an invite onto one of the oversized yachts in the harbour or have Gary Lineker’s brother pour you a generous shot in his bar.

Aiya Napa, Cyprus

We’re not saying you’re cheap but if you want to continue making savings whilst you’re on holiday, Aiya Napa has plenty of bars offering low priced drinks. Start your evening of indulgence at the Sea Cavern and Simos Magic on the main strip or the Queen Vic near the harbour. We can’t guarantee Babs Windsor will be there growling “ger-out-a-my-pub” in a cockney accent but there will be lots of Brits to make friends with. Then take your pick from a whole host of clubs including Aqua and Aiya Napa’s largest, Club Ice.


Please refrain from dirty dancing at all times