American Samoa Islands

Samoa is a wonderful group of islands in the South Pacific that, up to date, preserves its beautiful past and lives its oldest traditions.

Things to do in Samoa

Among the best things to do in the Samoa would then have a lot to do with the best features of being situated in the Pacific. Two of the biggest islands of Samoa Upolu and Savai’i offer awesome destinations that include great outdoor spots, mystical lagoons and blue tranquil beaches.

Lounging in Beaches

The beaches in Samoa are like no other. They are deep blue and tranquil. The beaches are actually among the top reasons, if not the top reason, to visit Samoa. From the beautiful palms that bow to the sun with their leaves almost touching the fine white sand to the waters. A different and yet still majestic view of the beach can be seen from resorts as backdrops of white towering cliffs whose edges meet and kiss the waves.

Hiking Trails

The O le Pupu-pue Park in Upolu is one of the most favorite sights for hiking in the entire Samoa. Trails in the park are surrounded by views of the sea as most are situated to lace the edges of cliffs in the most beautiful manner. Yet another exciting hiking trail is in Lake Lanoto’o National Park. While the trail entails challenge and the need to have a guide, the views one witnesses and passes by, however, are utterly breathtaking.


Upolu is home to countless sights that showcase the glorious ages and peoples that walked through the islands of Samoa. Upolu is where the whole of Samoa can be seen and understood as a location of traditional Polynesia as portrayed in praise-worthy beaches, jagged but inviting large beach sediments and deposits, and of course the preserved archeological artifacts which include the legendary Pulemelei Mound which is a 2-tier ancient pyramid which is known as the largest Polynesian archeological remains.


Le Penina Golf Course features a majestic Samoan backdrop in its par 72’s 18 holes. Thus, if one signs up for the golf club’s admission, the sport comes in with a priceless view of the surroundings. Golfing in Samoa is a great treat for serious pros and those who play for fun. An enthusiast can always expect over a handful of great golf courses among the best would be the Royal Samoa Golf Club, Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa, and the Faleata Golf Course.

Relaxing in Savai’i

Savai’i has the best relaxation spots in Samoa. This makes the place a wonderful destination for those who are in deep need to unwind and have copious doses of peace of mind away from the hurly-burlies of hectic urban living. Savai’i boasts its picturesque views of green lofty mountains amidst serene seas that travail the boundaries between Savai’i and Upolu.

Samoan Dining

Samoan delicacies are among the things one should never miss when visiting Samoa. Samoans use the umus which arehot stone stoves to cook their mouth-watering delicacies. Most of their dishes are prepared by steaming that takes several hours. If one is new to Samoa, getting the right kind of mix in ingredients to come up with great tasting Samoan dishes can be very tough. The solution is to attend a fiafia which is a traditional Samoan feast that resorts regularly host. Fiafias showcase a banquet of great tasting authentic Samoan dishes that will surely complete the experience of visiting Samoa.

There is indeed so much more in the islands of Samoa than its well-preserved archeological sites and its colorful tradition. Samoans are also known to be very welcoming and warm people so there warmth will surely grace one’s stay with the feel of home amidst the beauty of the visit.