Peru is one of the most diverse places you could ever visit, full of wonderful scenery, amazing history and friendly people, Peru is a destination that you will never forget. Expect the unexpected when you take a trip to Peru and you won’t be disappointed by the treasures this large and beautiful country has to share. A massive 59% of Peru is covered with lush and green rainforest, 11% is coastal land with beautiful beaches and fertile valleys, while the remaining 30% is mountainous, this is where you can find the Andes mountain range. As well as different types of territory and scenery you will find that each has it’s own weather system, so you can literally enjoy the best of all worlds when you visit.


Imagine waking up each day to a different vista, new sounds, smells and adventures. In Peru you can immerse yourself in nature, enjoy a city break or spend endless hours soaking up the sun on golden beaches. Over 5000 years of history await you, with a fantastic story that unfolds to let you see just how rich this culture really is. Let you imagination guide you as you get involved in the traditions and unique magic that Peru offers, it is said that you cannot truly appreciate the beauty of Peru in one visit as there is so much to see and do. See the amazing 2,000 year old Nazca lines or the pyramids of Caral.


Rituals and traditions are very much a part of life in Peru, where the spirits of the ancestors are still fondly remembered and revered. Marca Peru is a marketed brand of wonderful items all made in Peru – high quality and guaranteed to remind you of your stay in this beautiful and mysterious country. During the month of August you can join in with the ancient Peruvian ritual of the “Payment to the earth”, which is a truly spiritual event revolving around nature and fertility and all that surrounds it. You can follow the Inca trail to Machu Pichu through amazing ecological sites and ancient archaeology is waiting for you.


Modern Peru boasts cities with passion, cosmopolitan areas full of life. The night life and food are famous and you are sure to be amazed by some of the dishes that can be found in Peru. Museums and monuments are plenty and the smiles of the Peruvian people show just how much they love their country. Where ever you go in Peru you will find many activities and sights that will become part of your memories for the rest of your life. From sacred places to extreme sports and much more – Peru is a civilisation with a grand past and an extremely bright future.


If you have ever wondered about this beautiful country then now is the time to visit. Open your eyes and soul to the magic of Peru for the most amazing holiday of your lifetime. Let the colours and scenery speak for themselves and enjoy being a part of this hidden treasure of South America.

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