Visit Mythical Greece

A mythical land, shrouded in history and myth, Greece is officially known as the Hellenic Republic, its capital is Athens. Anyone who has read a bit of classical history knows that modern Greece traces its roots to ancient Greek civilization. The birthplace of democracy as we know it today and also western philosophy, literature, drama, sciences, mathematics and the Olympic games. Alone, Greece has 17 World Heritage Sites and countless islands. Enough to give you an action packed holiday with beautiful weather, loads of islands, long sandy beaches and mountainous terrain.

Right from its capital town, Greece has a lot to offer any one on visit. You can begin by visiting the Acropolis Rock, the Parthenon and the Ancient Agora, the centre of political and civic birth. There is also a brand new museum and a national archeological museum. Its famous mountain, mount Olympus was mythically held as the abode of the Greek gods. Olympia is one place to visit, the birth place of the Olympic Games which was first held there in 776. Among its ancient buildings are the Heraeum, stadium, hippodrome, palaestra and gymnasium. Today you can see the temple of Zeus and the museum that contains artifacts from ancient Olympia.

You can tour the many islands that make up a significant part of Greece. From the well known Rhodes and Crete, known for their medieval history to Confus, Mykonos and Santorini. They all have something to offer from beautiful beaches to nightlife or romantic getaways.
Delphi, famously know as the ancient centre of the world is a must see with its ancient religious complex made up of temples, theater and stadiums.

You cannot miss the Hellenic festivals which is a cocktail of music, dance and theatre performances. Many Greek classicals are performed in ancient theatres during this period.

Why not also go bird watching in the Nestos Delta in Thrace or Drespa Lakes. With its wetlands and 190 bird areas, expect to see eagles, storks, pelicans and a host of other birds.

Ever heard of the Knossos? Explore it in Greece. This massive ruin was discovered and partly restored some time back. It is an ancient Minoan Palace and thankfully there is a nearby museum where you can delve more into the history of the Knossos.

You can take a walk along Lake Plastira, a testimony of what man and nature can do when they work hand in hand. It will surely leave you refreshed.

Are you a fan of hiking. Explore the famous Mount Athos, known as the holy mountain with its monasteries and monks. Sorry ladies, you are not allowed there! Or hike through the 18km Samaria Gorge, a favorite pastime of visitors. It is also the longest Gorge in Europe and surprise! It is a natural beauty. Afterwards, explore the Karst caves with guides. They are filled with stalagmites and stalactites and were used in different periods as temples, places of refuge or monasteries. With its many sea front islands, water sports including sailing and scuba-diving, kayaking are also becoming popular on the islands.

Holidaying in Greece will leave you tired but fulfilled. There is definitely so much to do or see, more than you would bargain for I guess.