Spending spring in Seattle really is the city trip for the avid bargain hunter, with low hotel prices. If you’re looking to travel to the US on a budget and want to visit but have no idea where to go, then Seattle offers a great budget friendly holiday.

Just be aware that the weather is quite changeable, with cold winds bring refreshing spring rain in off the Pacific. Better pack a couple of thicker layers just in case.

As with many major cities, if museums and art is your thing, then you will be spoilt rotten. Some of the more unusual ones are The Boeing Future of Flight Aviation and the EMP Museum of Music, Pop Culture and Sci-Fi. I would highly recommend the underground tour. Yes it really is exactly what it sounds like, but don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a knee-deep wade through sewers! It is a tour of subterranean Seattle, abandoned in 1907 but now restored for guided tours while you are regaled with tales from the times of the pioneers! For those without little travellers, they also host an over 21’s tour in the old red-light district, with raunchier stories of debauchery and opium trade. A cocktail is included, which is always welcome, and remember that all must show ID before being allowed on the adult tour!

Now I know they have been in for some bad press lately, but it still worthy of mention that you can meander down to Pike Place Market, and visit the first ever Starbucks built (We all had to start somewhere!) This is still a bustling market after 105 years, making it the oldest continuously operating market in the US. There are also 1 hour long historical guided tours, which may be a good for budding travel guides, and those interested in more than just a holiday.

I know everyone thinks zoos are for kids but secretly everyone gets something out of a zoo! Seattle has a world renowned zoo in Woodland Park with award winning naturalistic exhibits. They also offer behind the scene tours, an experience that you will be lucky to repeat anywhere else. For the romantics out there, you can visit the rose gardens with 290 different varieties (who knew there were so many different Roses!)

If you are visiting towards the end of spring, Wild Waves Theme Park is around 30 minutes south of the city, straight down the interstate. With plenty of rides, shows and sea lion show it is not a bad day out, but personally, as soon as I heard they had a ride called the ‘Soaring Eagle Zip Line’, that was good enough to make me pay the entrance fee!

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