A weekend ski break can include a lot more than just getting out on the slopes to ski. Of course, skiing is likely to be the highlight of your skiing trip but what else are you likely to get up to here to put a smile on your face?

The truth is that the best ski resorts are packed with unexpectedly amazing things to do that you will love.

Try Out Some Other Winter Sports

If you enjoy skiing then there is a good chance that you also enjoy other winter sports as well. Snowboarding, snowshoeing and other adventurous activities will get your adrenalin pumping in no time at all, while ice swimming is as wild as it sounds.

There are many different winter sports for you to try and where better to do so than in a stylish ski resort? If you get a real taste for skiing then adding in some other winter sports to them is a fabulous idea.

Obviously you are still likely to see your time spent skiing as the highlight of your trips to the snowy mountains. However, by exploring a few other winter sports you can open up new horizons and give yourself more ways to have fun.

Having said that, there is nothing to stop you from just sticking to the skiing if you want to. Skiing in a quality resort high in the mountains is such a great thing to do that you should make the most of it while you are here.

Go Shopping

The most interesting ski resorts are also fantastic places to go shopping. Top class French Alps resorts such as Les Gets and Tignes might be fairly compact but going shopping is a real pleasure in these places.

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise to you to find out that winter clothing and skiing gear are among the most popular items for sale here. The relaxing atmosphere in these ski towns makes it highly enjoyable to head out to do some shopping.

This is a great way to spend some time doing something different after skiing for a few hours.

Strolling round a pretty ski town like Meribel or Val d’Isere and looking for interesting shops is something that never loses its appeal.

Going shopping in one of these relaxed and inviting towns is one easy way of feeling completely as ease with the world and free of stress. Even if you don’t buy anything you will still have a good time looking around the town centre.

See the Place from Above

The outstanding natural beauty of the snowy mountains means that these are great places to get up in the air to see stunning panoramic views. The ways you can do this will vary from one ski resort to another, as enterprising businesses set up exciting ways of doing this.

For instance, you might go up in a hot air balloon or maybe take a short helicopter ride. Even more thrilling is the chance to go paragliding over the peaks and pistes of your resort.

This adventurous activity might not be right for everyone but there is no doubt that it offers a fascinating way of seeing the place where you are staying in a completely different light. You won’t be able to look at the resort in the same light again once you have seen it from a bird’s point of view.

For a slightly less adventurous approach, you could ride on the resort’s ski lifts for a convenient way of getting around and seeing some stunning views. These lifts offer a very easy way of getting around and of seeing some spectacular views at the same time.

Check Out Special Events

Highly popular ski resorts are also well known for being places where you can enjoy numerous special events throughout the year. From music festivals to skiing competitions and from yoga festivals to sporting events, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

When you are looking at last minute ski deals and deciding where to go it makes sense to see which events are going to be taking place in the different resorts you are considering. There is a chance that by doing this you find a resort that has the perfect activities or events for you to go and see.

The start of the season and the season closure are times when you are most likely to find some tempting special events going on. However, there are usually a number of other fine events sprinkled throughout the year too.

If you love to join a crowd to enjoy some live music or sporting action then a ski resort is a wonderful way of doing this.

Eat Out in Style

No matter where you go on a break, it is almost certain that you will be eating out at some point. Having said that, in few places will you enjoy this as much as you will in a classy ski resort.

The restaurants in these ski towns are often top quality and offer a terrific selection of dishes to choose from. If you love trying new dishes and eating in nice restaurants then you are sure to get a great deal of pleasure out of eating out while on a ski trip.

The biggest and best ski resort towns offer everything from cheap fast food outlets to Michelin star rated restaurants. No matter what your taste is and how big your food budget is, you can find somewhere perfect to eat out on your trip.

You should definitely try some of the local cuisine while on your trip, regardless of whatever else you decide to eat while there. This is a great way to sample the local culture and it is highly likely that the local cuisine is also ideal for the climate there.

Enjoy the Après Ski Scene

You have probably have heard about the après ski scene in ski resorts but not be entirely sure what it is all about. To put it simply, this is the fact that you can get out after skiing and enjoy a few drinks in great company.

Even relatively small ski resorts tend to have a few nice bars, while the bigger towns will have a massive selection of bars, pubs and clubs in them. There is something incredibly exciting about going out for a few drinks after a tiring day of skiing.

Even if you don’t normally hit the bars back home, you might find that the temptation to do so here is very strong. If you come here with a group of friends then the chances are that you will want to make the most of the local après ski scene, but it is a fun thing to do on a solo trip as well.

It is also a sound choice for an evening out if you are on a romantic break and want a special evening out. In fact, no matter what kind of trip you are on you just need to find the right kind of bar or pub for your tastes.

The most interesting ski resorts on the planet have a lot more to them than just skiing. If you give this kind of trip a try you are sure to love the variety of fun activities waiting for you to try them out.