Italy is a truly beautiful place whichever part you decide to visit, but I you are looking for a unique and authentic Italian holiday you should consider heading to Tuscany. Located deep in the Tuscan countryside is an 800 year old village situated in an estate of over 110 hectares of idyllic countryside. Castelfalfi is a medieval town that most of the locals left as a ghost town during the 1960’s but was regenerated and renovated to create a truly magical place.

The Hotel La Tobaccaia in Castelfalfi was in the past, as its name hints, a tobacco factory and although it has been transformed into holiday accommodation, it still retains its historic charm and character. Undoubtedly one of the main reasons you want to take a trip to Italy in the first place is for some tasty and well-prepared food and this is why you should consider a holiday in Tuscany.

Tuscan food in particular is known for its characteristic rich and deep flavours and this really comes through in the food and drink served at Castelfalfi. Not only are the dishes prepared at the two main restaurants, La Rocca di Castelfalfi and Il Rosmarino, freshly prepared and cooked; they also use wine and oil that are actually produced on site in the estate. Below we discuss two very different sides to the Tuscan cuisine experience on offer at Castelfalfi.

La Rocca di Castelfalfi

Within the Castelfalfi estate sits the castle that is home to the gourmet bistro/restaurant La Rocca di Castelfalfi. A young chef, Michele Rinaldi, who achieved his 1st Michelin star during his time at another restaurant, the Gourmet all’Acquacotta in 2011, is in charge of the food at the Castelfalfi restaurant.

He brings the indispensable expertise and knowledge that he developed during his time working at various Italian and international restaurants in his relatively short career. Many of the skills he puts to good use were taught and fine-tuned under the supervision of the globally renowned Gaultiero Maschesi. The dishes served at La Rocca di Castelfalfi represent Tuscany perfectly with classic flavours combined with fresh ingredients and technically prowess that is second to none.

Rosso Toscano Cooking School


Perhaps you are interested in not only sampling the delightful Tuscan food on offer, but learning a bit about the technique and skill that goes into making it. That is exactly what is offered at the Rosso Toscano Cooking School within Castelfalfi. The idea is that you have a continuation of the gastronomic experience offered by the restaurants as you are guided through the basics of Tuscan cooking.

The cooking school is situated within the medieval castle walls that make you feel like you have stepped back in time. As well as learning cooking techniques and dishes general to the area, you will be have the opportunity to learn some of your favourite dishes, in particular your favourites from the menus of the Castelfalfi restaurants.

Although Castelfalfi may not be the name that comes to mind immediately when you think of that scenic and tasty Italian getaway, as you can see from the article above there are many reasons why you should give this hidden gem a try.