Traveling can be fun and exciting, but the adventure is not without risks to you and your property. If you are planning a trip, you should consider taking steps to protect yourself in case of emergency. When it comes to your Android, one of the best ways of protecting your mobile device is thorough a good anti-virus. Here is a bit more about downloading an antivirus app and how it will help protect your Android.

Antivirus and Data: You never know how secure, or unsecure a network can be- especially when you are traveling. Unsecured networks usually don’t encrypt your data, which means that your information can easily be hacked by a third part. Other networks may seem secure, but may code data in a way that can be easily decrypted. An antivirus for Android ensures that your data is encrypted any time that you browse online.

Anti-Theft Features: Many antivirus apps also come with anti-theft features like remote location and the camera trap. You can remotely locate and access your phone through your antivirus app if your Android is lost or stolen. The camera trap snaps a picture of anyone who tries to break your phone out of lock screen and will enable you to help the authorities track the thief.

Information Protection: In addition to helping locate a lost or stolen mobile device, an antivirus for android phones can help protect you by allowing you to remotely wipe your information. If you are worried about thieves breaking into your phone and accessing your bank account or PayPal password, you can remotely clear your device. While this may not be an ideal ending to a lost or stolen phone scenario, deleting your information will help ensure that your financial accounts are not compromised.

There are many things that you can do to help ensure that you stay safe during travel. As for your phone’s safety, having an antivirus working in your favor should put your mind at ease.