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Traveller’s Fashion Tips

Travel Tips

When travelling to a country you’ve never been to before, it’s always hard to know what to pack. It’s even more of a dilemma when you are travelling from continents such as S. E. Asia to Australia, and you arrive…

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Storage Secrets for the Intrepid Traveller

Travel Tips

Figuring out what to with your possessions while you’re away on a longer trip is often stressful. Many people rent our their houses or sublet their rooms while they’re travelling, and if storage is at a premium at the best…

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The UK’s Best Driving Roads

Travel Tips

Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean going abroad, you can have some great days out here in the UK too! And for those of you who love to get out in your car, why not have a look at this video to see some…

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Home away from home

Travel Tips

There’s no place like home, but from time to time we leave our house empty. It could be that you’re moving abroad for a few months for work, or you’re taking a sabbatical to see the world, or a relative…

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5 Items to Pack While Traveling with a Pet

Travel Tips

No matter if you own a dog, cat, bird, etc., traveling with a pet is a lot of responsibility. Just like traveling with a child, you need to take into account every possible scenario you may run into in order…

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Make Your 2013 Holiday A Cruise

Travel Tips

Is there any holiday as relaxing and luxurious as going on a cruise?  Forget spending tireless hours waiting around in airports.  Forget traveling for days on end in a stuffy and cramped vehicle.  Choose a cruise and you’re guaranteed to…

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The ultimate holiday survival guide

Travel Tips

Booking holidays and visiting new countries abroad can be a stressful and daunting prospect, especially if you are not a well-seasoned traveller or are travelling with children for the first time. Add into this mixture a language barrier and you…

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Pack light for weekend trips

Travel Tips

There are so many cheap flights available today that it’s become really easy to jet off to Europe for the weekend. What used to be an impossible dream for many of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations is now commonplace for…

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Brits and Their Holidays: Infographic!

Travel Tips

This infographic has been created using information from several sources, including Direct Travel Insurance, the Office for National Statistics, The Telegraph the Association of British Insurers. This infographic in particular depicts key stats and information on British holiday goers, including…

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Single Trip vs Annual Travel Insurance

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When it comes to holiday insurance, don’t leave home without the right level of cover. Why? Because without it, you could be exposed to all sorts of costs should your dream holiday turn out to be a nightmare. From medical…