Packing a few handy travel health accessories for your time away will help ensure you have a much more enjoyable retreat. As the old saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

We’ve compiled a list of the health essentials you should consider for your trip, whether you’re departing on a round the world trip or having a long weekend in a bustling European city.


1)       First Aid Kit

First and foremost, a basic first aid kit containing dressings, plasters, anti-septic wipes and other essential first aid accessories is a must for any type of travel. Great for treating minor cuts and scrapes during your trip, so you can avoid discomfort and make the most of your time away, even if you have acquired a couple of scrapes!

2)      Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

A favourite amongst travellers, anti-bacterial hand gel is a godsend after toilet visits, out in the wilderness or after handling currency when travelling. Hand gels are quick drying and non-sticky, combatting the bacteria that cause stomach upsets and other illnesses.

3)      Diarrhoea Relief (Loperamide)

Like it or not, stomach upsets are almost an expected part of travelling – whether you’ve over-indulged on rich foods or simply ate something that didn’t quite agree with you. Packing some diarrhoea relief capsules, just in case, will help ensure that you can continue to enjoy your holiday, with minimal disruption.

4)      Motion Sickness Bands

If you love to travel but feel queasy on flights, bus journeys or boat trips, you’ll be relieved to know there is an alternative to medication that often leaves travellers feeling drowsy. These revolutionary motion sickness bands can be worn around your wrists and use acupressure to relieve the symptoms of travel sickness.

5)      Sun Cream

Sun cream is an essential health accessory for travellers, protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UVA & UVB rays. Always ensure you select a high factor sun cream to avoid sun burn and re-apply at regular intervals, especially after swimming or excessive sweating.

6)      Insect Repellent

Insects can become a regular annoyance during your trip, investing in a good insect repellent should keep them at bay and keep you bite free. Many insect repellents on the market contain DEET and come in a range of different strengths ranging from 20% to 95%. Ensure you select a suitable strength repellent for your destination and if you have sensitive skin, opt for DEET free formulas.

7)      Flight Socks

If you’re travelling to far flung shores, reduce the risk of developing DVT during long-haul flights, with a pair of flight socks. Flight socks help improve circulation during long journeys and flights, reducing the risk of DVT.

8)      Insect Bite Relief

Available in many different forms from gels and creams to Bite relief clickers, insect bite relief is a must have for when those nasty little critters make a meal of you!

9)      Oral Rehydration Salts

Rehydration salts are a great way to recover from dehydration caused by sickness, diarrhoea and in the case of the more adventurous travellers, over-exertion.

10)   Water Treatment

It’s normally advised to avoid drinking tap water in foreign countries, with travellers advised to drink bottled water instead. Sometimes, this may not be possible, especially if you’re visiting remote areas or developing countries. Water treatment kits are the perfect solution to this dilemma, making water safe to drink once treated.

The most popular type of water treatment available is Chlorine Dioxide, this helps to kill bacteria and viruses in water including cryptosporidium and Giardia.