Every time you get behind the handlebars of your motorcycle, you wear protective gear. While a jacket and helmet are essential for all riders, you don’t have to surrender your sense of style to stay safe on your bike. Spring is an excellent time to update your riding wardrobe. Here some of the top trends in motorcycle apparel this year.

Breathable Fabrics

Spring is when temperatures begin to heat up around the globe. It is also the time of year you dust of your motorcycle and hit the highway, track or trail. As the mercury rises, you need breathable fabrics to keep you cool on both short and long trips. This year, top apparel manufacturers, such as Alpinestars, CorTech and Klim, have incorporated light-weight, mixed-blend materials in their jackets, shirts, vests and other items.

Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors when you ride isn’t a bad strategy for staying safe. Fortunately, vibrant hues are fashionable this spring. If you are looking to add something vivid to your closet, think about investing in a motorcycle Jersey. These easy-to-wear, comfortable shirts are guaranteed to be popular all season long. Their popularity will also likely continue into next year’s riding season.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is always trendy. Whether you are looking for a reinforced vest, armored pants or reinforced shoes, you can’t lose when you add some extra protection to your spring fashion. When you want to take a break from your ride, remove your protective gear to show off a motorcycle T-shirt, brand tank top or fashion-forward jacket. Remember, iconic clothing never goes out of style.

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