Singapore is one of the many beating hearts within Asia; and I can honestly say that it is also one of the most spectacular. There are numerous venues and locations throughout this wonderful city that are perfect for romantic evenings and first dates; because of this I’m going to share with you my favourite five destinations within the city of Singapore.

#5 – Gardens by the Bay


The Gardens By the Bay is a scenic location that displays both native and exotic flowering plants; the gardens are free to explore and ramble through if you remain outdoors. If you wish to investigate the conservatories and access the indoor areas there is a fee of between $8 and $28 SGD.

The gardens are also host to Supertrees – trees that conserve water and energy, and a number of natural trails.

#4 – The Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer is a 42-story Ferris wheel that stands in the land that was the Marina Centre – the ‘flight’ lasts for up to 30 minutes and costs $33 per adult. The majority of romantic venues are scattered throughout the city of Singapore and beyond, in the form of restaurants, parks and shops; but the Singapore Flyer takes you above the city and allows you to see further than the city streets and those that pass through them. There aren’t many other settings within Singapore where you can watch the sun set over the city with your partner whilst suspended.

#3 – For Canning Hill


Unlike #4 For Canning Hill will not provide you with a 360° view of the city but it will transport you to another time and place as you wander through the hidden trails and secret hideaways. There’s also the option of a guided tour, which will educate as fascinate you as you learn of the history of Singapore; although for the true romantic experience it’s suggested that you find your own way and when you’re finished walking you can sit and bask in the presence of your beloved.

#2 Marina Bay – Wonder Full Light and Water Show


The Wonder Full Light and Water Show is a very short performance, but it by far one of the most romantic experiences that Singapore has to offer. The light and water show is completely free and is said to rival that of Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights; one of the spectacular things about this performance is the intensity with which it presents itself. For some romantic entertainment that will set the mood for the rest of your evening – Marina Bay is the place to be.

#1 – The Cliff


The Cliff is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants in the whole of Singapore; the Cliff overlooks the South China Sea and presents a stunning sea view, complete with sunset and scenery.

The Cliff also has an open kitchen so that you can watch the chef at work as you wait for the finest cuisine – there’s also a relaxing bar that serves some of the most revered wines. If the Cliff restaurant doesn’t bring a smile to your face then perhaps fine dining isn’t for you.

There are many more romantic locations within the city of Singapore, but most of them are so well hidden that discovering them is often something that happens by chance; for the best memories of Singapore you must simply experience everything that this magnificent city has to offer.


Author: Matt Hughes is an enthusiastic traveller that likes to share his tales and experiences with others. He currently works with as an experienced relationship councillor and applies his knowledge of travel and relationships to his work.