Here are the top 10 best and cheap things to purchase in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Electronics – Electronic items, product and gadgets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are cheaper than in the other parts of the world. Unlike neighbouring countries which import electronics from other countries, Malaysia is known for developing electronics, which indicates that you can buy the latest and unique electronics at affordable prices.

Here you can buy latest technology cameras of Sony, Nikon, Casio, Canon, and other brands, smart phones, XBOX, PlayStation consoles, laptops, rice cookers, coffee makers and other electronic products at cheap prices.

  • Batik Fabric – Batik is Malaysia’s highly significant and unique handicrafts. Batik Fabric is an amazing gift for family members, relatives, friends and craft lovers. Batik is basically a fancy cloth on which wax is applied to draw patterns on the cloth.

Where to buy – You can buy Malay Batik Fabric from shopping malls, handicraft stores and markets in KL.

  • Pewter Ware – Malaysia is popular for their extensive collection of Pewter goods. The pewter goods are formed from a mixture of metals, including mostly tin.  Pewter Ware items generally comprise key-chains, pen-holders, jewellery, figurines, and sovereigns.
  • Traditional Chinese drugs and herbs – Kuala Lumpur has several market stalls and shops supplying long-established Chinese herbs and medicines. These herbs are used to cure stomach aches, headaches, asthma and other diseases.
  • Malaysian snacks – There are thousands of special Malaysian snacks such as candies, rice cakes, sweet bean cakes, and water chestnut cakes.

Where to buy – The best places to purchase tasty and original Chinese snacks in Kuala Lumpur are Chinatown, supermarkets, and Malaysian tourism stores. If you want to buy Indian snacks such as samosa, jalebi, chips, puffed rice, roti, etc., please visit Brickfields area. Chow Kit is a good place to purchase Malay sweets such as rice sweets enwrapped in curry puffs or banana leaves.

  • Sovereigns – In KL you can buy amazing sovereigns items and gift them to your friends and family.

Where to buy – Best place to buy sovereigns are Central Market and Kenanga Wholesale City.

  • Perfumes – Here in Kuala Lumpur you can buy the latest perfumes of brands such as Polo, Armani, Christian Dior, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, and more.

Where to buy – It is recommended to buy perfumes from shopping malls and department stores.

  • Cigarettes and liquor – There are a lot of tax-free markets and shops close to Kuala Lumpur. Have cigarettes which are made regionally under popular brand names like Salem, Dunhill and Marlboro. Here you can get pleasure from regionally-blended beer licensed under popular brands like Heineken, Tiger, Carlsberg and Anchor.
  • Fashion accessories – There are a lot of shops in the city which offer brand new fashion accessories such as hairpin, jewellery, shoes, ribbons, bracelets, etc. made both regionally and abroad and they are offered in several shops and malls in the city.
  • Pottery and wood carvings – Shops and malls in Kuala Lumpur offer items like mugs, jars, wood crafted statues, and giant spoons which are used for room decoration.

When you plan for Malaysia tour, ensure to spend at least one day in shopping. You can note down the above mentioned places to visit and shop during your Kuala Lumpur trip.