St. Lucia is a gorgeous Caribbean island that’s popular both as a cruise destination and for its inclusive resort offerings. The breathtaking scenery ranges from soaring mountains to soft beaches, offering something for everyone. If you’re planning an escape to this picturesque paradise, here are a few tips to improve your stay.

Take in the Views from Above


If you think St. Lucia is beautiful from the ground, you’ll find your breath taken away by the views from above. Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia offers an aerial tram tour that lifts you out of the busy crush of tourists and takes you to a wild rainforest escape. Panoramic birds-eye views of the north of the island await along with the chance to spot some memorable wildlife. With one nature interpreter for every eight guests, it’s easy to catch everything your guide has to share.

If you prefer a more rugged experience, you can also climb to the top of Gros Piton. You’ll find several willing guides in the area for the two-hour trek. The hike begins innocently enough past quaint villages, but by the last half of the journey you’ll have to navigate terrain littered with tree roots and volcanic rocks. The trip is worth it, though, for the stunning views from a peak 2,619 feet up.

Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort

St. Lucia’s lush island escape is ideal for an all-inclusive resort experience. Kick back and relax while the details are handled for you. With a spa, restaurants, and comfortable accommodations in one place, planning the perfect trip suddenly becomes an easy endeavour. A destination like Coconut Bay provides something for visitors of all ages, with activities that range from kitesurfing for adventure-seekers to Luminous “C” and Sea facials for Mom to the CocoLand Kidz Klub for younger guests.

Taste Your Way Around the Island


St. Lucia is rich with unique flavors and distinct tasting opportunities. Many of its restaurants, such as Spinnakers, are renowned for their fresh seafood. While you may not think of chocolate as a traditional Caribbean flavor, you can find one of the most unique culinary experiences on the island at the Rabot Estate.

Here, you can participate in the Tree to Bar experience that begins with a walk among the cocoa groves and ends with a decadent chocolate tasting. In between, you’ll explore the seedling nursery, fermenting room, and sun-drying station, following the cacao beans through their journey to becoming a beloved sweet treat.

Ask a Local

If you’re unsure about anything during your visit to St. Lucia, from the best dish on the menu to the ideal spot for snorkeling, you can’t go wrong asking a local. From the staff at your hotel to the friendly fellow at the bar, the island is filled with knowledgeable residents who are bursting with tips once you strike up a conversation.

From long rainforest hikes to luxurious spa services, St. Lucia has activities to intrigue, relax, and simply mesmerise. If you’re looking for an unforgettable Caribbean holiday, this is a prime destination.