Turkey is one destination that will give you an experience that will remain in your memory for many years after the trip. This is because of the many amazing attractions that are distributed in the various cities in the country. The three most visited cities in the country are Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman. These cities are very popular because of the exquisite luxurious establishments that will meet all your needs when it comes to dining and accommodation. The country also has many historical sites and breath-taking sceneries that will play a very big role in ensuring that your trip is memorable. It is also one of the Top Backpacking destinations in Europe.


The first town is Antalya, which is Turkey’s largest seaport. The city has very many alluring historical buildings that try to remind the visitors about the kind of life that was lived by the people who occupied the coastal town in the earlier years. This city has been gradually posting an increased number of visitors over the years and in 2011, it emerged the world’s third most popular city.
The high number of visitors can be attributed to the great restaurants that are located near the beach, the great historical sites and the numerous shopping opportunities. Some of the great restaurants include 7 Mehmet and Dost Kofte. These restaurants are known worldwide for the quality of services offered. They serve all the local foods as well as top foreign dishes and the service is very satisfying. Other places include Shemall Shopping Centre, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans.


This is another town in Turkey that is visited by very many people. The town is preferred by many people who come to have a look at the Bodrum castle that houses the Museum of Underwater Technology. This museum attracts people from far and wide due to its unique architecture.
The town also has a number of top hotels and restaurants that will ensure that any visitor who visits gets the best food and accommodation. Some of them include Sünger Pizza, Marina Yacht Club and many others that have over the years produced satisfying products. The city also has a number of open markets and shopping centres that will ensure that you get something to take back home. This is one of many things you can do in Bodrum, Turkey.


The other town is Dalaman and it is also very popular with the locals and also with the foreign visitors. It is located on the south western part of the Turkey coast. One of the things that make the city to stand out is that it has an international airport therefore many visitors find themselves in the city even if the main aim of travelling was not visiting the city.

Some of the hotels and restaurants that you can find in the city include the Akkaya Garden Restaurant and the Palmiye Restaurant. These hotels will provide you with the best foods and accommodation hence you will be left happy and satisfied. The town also has a number of shopping centres and markets therefore you will be able to find something to take home for your loved ones as gifts of souvenirs.