Whilst most people think of the likes of the Algarve and the South of France when considering a summer holiday, others will look to get a taste of their native countryside to get some fresh air and a real taste of what’s available in the natural land.

Staying in a lovely cottage out in the elements makes for the perfect peaceful get away for some, even though there are a few differences compared to an apartment on the Med or an island villa.

For example, being “in the sticks” might mean that you’re not exactly connected to the conventional heating and electricity lines; therefore you might be required top up the heating oil supplied by a company such as WebOil.co.uk if you need to keep warm or cook tea. Sounds old fashioned, but it’s all part of the experience.

You shouldn’t really need an excuse to get into the country, but if you do require a bit of encouragement, here are a few tips that might help you decide what to do if you’re thinking about a trip into the UK countryside:

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Climbing in the Peak District

Those of an active nature may very well be drawn to the grit stone edges of the Peak District which have been attracting climbers worldwide for many years. These hill walls are no higher than 60ft and are easily accessible by foot, whilst also providing varying degrees of difficulty depending on which area you are looking to tackle.

Stanage Edge is one of the most popular of these ridges and spans four miles in length and is also steeped   in history, with the first climbers thought to have been of the Victorian era.

Boating through Warwickshire

For a nice calm holiday away, hiring a narrowboat for the weekend to take through the UK’s waterways will not be beaten easily.

It is a perfect trip for those looking to explore and discover the many delights that are otherwise hidden away from us. There’s a bit of labour involved in taking the boat through the locks and generally keeping it from hitting things, but it all pays off for a unique look at the countryside and there are an almost endless stream of pubs and restaurants that offer various culinary delights along the way.

Riding with nature over Exmoor

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys exploring off your feet, then horse riding over Exmoor’s National Park will be enough to keep you happy, with over 400 miles of bridleways and beautiful landscape to discover and trot through.

It is a great chance to be at one with nature and the countryside, witnessing the likes of feral ponies, deer, buzzards and foxes as you pass through undetected. Riders of all levels are welcome and the excursion is perfect for those on a group trip.