Packing is probably people’s most dreaded aspect of traveling. No one likes having to try to fit everything they need for their trip in a little suitcase. It is difficult for anyone to decide what is most important to bring, and also to predict what they might need outside of what is already in their suitcase. This is a struggle that a lot of people go through every time they travel, but it does not need to be this difficult.

There are a lot of little tricks and ideas that people can use to pack better every single time they travel, no matter the duration or location of the trip. Many travelers have already been using these methods with great success. Anyone can try out one or all of these ideas to make their packing process easier than ever before. Here are the six best packing tips every traveler should know.

Protect everything left behind first

This is the most important step that many travelers forget about. Protecting everything a person leaves behind is just as important as putting the right things into their bag. Everyone should visit to find the best ways to protect their home and belongings before they leave on their trip.

Consolidate to one bag

It can seem impossible, especially for people who are going on a long trip, but it always can be done. Sticking with just one carry on sized bag will make traveling so much easier. Travelers can consider buying toiletries at their destination and washing some clothes while they are there to save space.

Roll clothes to save space

This is a trick that a lot of flight attendants use to not only pack more clothes into a small suitcase, but also to help keep their clothes wrinkle free. Rolling clothes into a tight tube saves a lot more space than traditional folding.

Wash clothes on the trip

A tip mentioned briefly before, anyone can wash clothes at their destination to save some space in their bag. Re-wearing dirty outfits is never fun, but people can find a laundromat almost anywhere they travel, so this is a simple tip for anyone to utilize.

Compartmentalize to keep things organized

Staying organized when traveling is a whole other issue to deal with even after the bag is packed. Travelers can plan for this while packing by using separate little bags or dividers in their suitcase to create a system for organization. This will help anyone spend less time looking for things in their bag and more time enjoying their travels.

Pack toiletries in sealed plastic bags

One of the biggest packing disasters a person can endure is having one of their liquids spill inside their bag, ruining every other item that was in it. This is something that could ruin a person’s entire trip. Packing liquids in small resealable plastic bags can contain any spills and prevent any damaging disasters when traveling.