Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh is by far one of the most fascinating cities in the country. The abundance of great tourist attractions, landmarks, architecture, culture and last but not least, great atmosphere and people make this Scottish city one of must see places in UK. Also worth reading is this article on the Top things to see in Edinburgh.

Above all, what’s truly unique about Edinburgh is that the city is not only filled with all the things you would expect from a top tourist destination but also with some of the most unusual ones as well. Apart from the classical museums, landmarks and monuments you can also admire such unusual places like Surroundings Tour, Arthur’s Seat or the Edinburgh Dungeon. And, it is that last one along with two other, also quite unique museums that I want to tell you more about today.

The Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon is a single topic oriented museum, however, instead of focusing on art, culture, movies and many other, its main focus lies in horror, supernatural and gruesome history of Scotland.

The main attraction of the museum is eleven actor led presentations telling various stories from the Scottish past. You can witness Sawney Bean and his clan of cannibals as they kidnap and devour poor passers-by, the gruesome murders committed in the name of the science by Burke and Hare, see how the city reacted to the black plaque on the Mary Street Close or be present at the betrayal of William Wallace.

Overall, this might not be a museum for everyone, however, if you are into more dark and rarely told stories from the past, you must definitely visit the Edinburgh Dungeon.

The Museum of Childhood

The museum of childhood presents a completely different mood from the Dungeon. Focusing largely on toys and games from different periods in history, the museum offers a great delight and fun for the whole family. All aspects of growing up, from typical early, toddler days to school, clubs, clothing, health and favorite pastimes are covered in the museum but what’s more important, you can also try out many of the toys showcased.

One of the greatest attractions of the museum though are the interactive elements. You can hear sounds from a typical classroom from the 1930’s or see a complete street from a Victorian period recreated, along with all the outdoors toys and fun activities.

The museum of childhood is a true family destination, a one where your kids will not get even slightly bored.

The People’s Story

Most museums focus on important events, historic periods, art movements of the city or a region, however, this small museum focuses on ordinary people and their lives in Edinburgh instead. Inside, you can see how they worked and lived in the past. Every aspect of their lives has been recreated in detail, and what’s important, it’s all based on the memories of the people, making the whole experience even closer to the truth.

Without a doubt, Edinburgh is a city that offers plenty for everyone. And, if you are looking for a bit uncommon places to see and histories to witness, the three museums above will certainly offer you exactly just that.

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