Medaketiya Beach, Sri lanka

Sri Lanka is situated in South Asia, in the Indian Subcontinent. Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean. One can only imagine how beautiful and enchanting an island could be and for sure Sri Lanka won’t disappoint. It is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Sri Lanka is so naturally gifted that it is called as ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. It has diverse landscapes; it is rich in biodiversity, has picturesque pristine beaches and has lush green tropical forests. Besides the natural beauty that it is endowed with, Sri Lanka also has rich history and culture. One must read about Sri Lanka before landing on this fantastic island so that one doesn’t miss out on any experience amongst the myriad experiences that it has to offer. Also worth reading is “A slice of south Pacific paradise” by the team over at Sunshine Ideas.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka would be between December and March. It is a tropical country and December through March is the driest and the best time to visit. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer; nature lovers can enjoy the flora and the fauna at the national parks and those who love the adrenaline rush can go rafting or trekking or can camp out or can go for mountain biking or jet skiing or horse riding, there are innumerable things for the adventure junkies. One should also visit the various temples and the ancient sites and live through the rich history. For those looking out for leisure there are breathtaking waterfalls, long beaches, colourful gardens and parks, theatres and even great shopping arcades. There are also tea estates where one can go for trekking and learn and see how tea is picked. Sri Lanka has one of the best tantalising cuisines on offer. One must definitely try their curry atleast. Besides, international cuisines are available widely. And after a fun packed day, one can go and relax their muscles at the great spas in Sri Lanka or one can even go for meditation or go to the ayurvedic centers for the best treatments available. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer, it has something for everyone. It has great night life, cafes, restaurants and hotels. One can also seep in many art forms from traditional dance forms to singing in Sri Lanka. One can buy souvenirs from the talented artisans and the craftsmen; some unique things like coconut shell wares can be bought in Sri Lanka and also other things like handloom weaved materials, pots, wooden masks, etc.

One cannot forget the spices and the gemstones. Sri Lanka has a wide range of spices and since ages it is known worldwide for its spices which one can buy, they are definitely worth buying. The gemstones are worth buying as well, Sri Lanka has one of the most abundant and a large variety of gemstones available in the world.

Sri Lanka is definitely a place to visit in one’s lifetime. It has so many varying experiences to offer, it is enriching. Sri Lanka will not disappoint anyone; in fact it will leave a deep lasting impression on all the five human senses.

Thanks again to the writers at the Sunshine Ideas Travel Blog for this contribution.