We all know about the big theme parks in the UK and most of them do live up to their hype. Here are some of the most interesting and varied you can visit.


Alton Towers, Staffordshire


This theme park is set around an amazing gothic mansion and its grounds. It’s split into a number of different areas including an exciting pirate-themed area. There are huge attractions such as the vertical-drop roller coaster Oblivion, the scary Thi3teen, and the wonderfully elaborate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride.

If you need a bit of time out from the thrills of the numerous roller coasters then you can take a walk in the gardens or stop somewhere for a bite to eat.


Thorpe Park, Surrey


One of the most spectacular rides at Thorpe Park is SAW. It takes the premise of the horror movies and puts it into a roller coaster. A combination that is certain to wow even the most hardened coaster veterans.

If you are looking for something a little more sedate then there are plenty of attractions for the whole family. There’s a 4D movie experience, a small Flying Fish roller coaster and a beach area. Do bear in mind, though, that there’s not much at Thorpe Park for very young children.


Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

With Chessington, not only are you getting a great theme park but there’s also a zoo and Sea Life centre to keep you entertained. There’s a suspended roller coaster than speeds through the trees, a family coaster that will make you dizzy and leisurely boat ride that’s not all it seems.

There’s also a safari-themed Holiday Inn next to the park, which is perfect if you want to have a weekend away.


Drayton Manor, Staffordshire

This is the perfect theme park if you have teenage children or just fancy a thrilling day out just you and a few friends. It has some of the scariest, adrenaline-fuelled rides in the UK. There’s a stand-up roller coaster, a huge tower drop and the scary-looking Maelstrom.



This is a very family friendly theme park. It’s aimed at 3-12 year-olds but there’s plenty to see and do for the whole family. There are 55 rides, live shows, building workshops, and other attractions.

There’s a fantastic pirate trail (you will get wet!) as well as many other water rides. For the little ones there are fountains at Waterworks to have a splash around in.

Most of the rides at LEGOLAND put you in the driving seat, literally! These interactive rides are great fun for families.


Flamingo Land, Yorkshire

In the nineties this park didn’t have much more than a few small attractions and some pretty flamingos but expansions over the last few years have made it one of the best theme parks in the UK.

There’s the new Pterodactyl attraction, which is a huge swing ride with some amazing prehistoric theming. For roller coaster fans there’s the Mumbo Jumbo coaster, Flamingo Land’s ultimate thrill ride.