Argentina is such a great country to visit, whether it be for just a holiday, or whether you plan on staying for a fairly long period of time. I spent almost a year there when I was on a university exchange program. I was based in Buenos Aires but with only a couple of days of classes a week, it meant that I could really immerse myself into the Argentinian culture and visit many of the different areas that the country has to offer.

Buenos Aires itself is a wonderful city; it is pretty cosmopolitan, some describe it as being similar to a European city, especially as it has such a strong Italian influence. San Telmo is one of the oldest areas of Buenos Aires, here you can see some of the most famous colonial architecture of the city as well as many different markets, including big antiques markets. I would also recommend visiting the Plaza San Martin Park Area, a beautiful park with a really romantic feel, you could almost be in Paris! La boca,is one of the most famous areas by the port, where if you are lucky, you can catch some live tango, the typical Argentinian dance that lives up to its name of “making love in the vertical position”.

When many people think of Argentina, they often just think of Buenos Aires, although this is an exciting city, the country has many other must see areas. One of the most spectacular things I saw when I was traveling in Argentina was the Iguazu Falls. They are absolutely spectacular, if I’m honest, it makes the Niagara Falls look like pretty poor, in comparison.

Argentina is also a country rich in landscapes; you can go skiing with great resorts in Patagonia. You can even see real penguins wandering around. There is over 100km of ski tracks with stunning views.

If you have more time to go off the tourist track, you should check out Quebrada de Humahuaca, in the north west of the country. It is technically a ravine but is surrounded by multi coloured hills with different rock formations. Personally, I had never seen anything like it. You can easily find a hostel in the nearby town, Salta, you should stay for a couple of nights so that you can experience the area to its full, including drinking some wine with the locals, they definitely know how to party.

Another reason I fell in love with the country was due to its simple but amazing food and wine. If you appreciate a good steak, you are guaranteed to eat one of the best ever steaks! I have travelled to a lot of places all over the globe and I have to say that this legend is true! The quality is out of this world. A large steak with their national chimichurri sauce and a bottle of Argentinian Malbec is my idea of heaven!

Argentina is by far one of my favourite countries out of the selection that I have visited, there is too much to write down, for me, it is more about exploring not only the key tourist sites, which are definitely worth it, but also spending some time in some local towns, to get an idea of the real culture and real country.

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