Going on An extended trip abroad means leaving behind creature comforts and taking only the bare minimum. However, there are certain tech products which are worth taking and can actually be an aid, rather than a burden, to your travels. Multiple, bulky items can in some cases be replaced by a single tech item, which won’t add weight to your luggage and are multifunctional too. Before you pack your suitcase or backpack, check out our pick of the best tech to take travelling.



Gone are the days of lugging heavy paperbacks around with you, deliberating over which titles to take and which to sacrifice and leave at home. With an e-reader you can purchase books online and download onto the device, meaning you can take a whole library away with you! Rather than packing several guidebooks, you can easily download sections of guides, which is of particular use if you are travelling to many different countries on one trip. Cafes and hostels all over the world now have wifi, so you can even download more reading material whilst away. With water-resistant covers and no-glare screens for reading in the sunshine, an e-reader is beach- and holiday-proof!


Taking a laptop travelling with you means you can stay in touch with friends and family back home, without lengthy waits at internet cafes. It can also save you money too, as Skype is a great alternative to making expensive long-distance phone calls. Go for a lightweight design for easy carrying: the new Touchscreen Convertible Ultrabook, part of the range of Toshiba laptops, is ideal as it can also be used as a tablet for quick, casual internet surfing. A laptop also makes a fab travelling companion, as it can be used to play DVDs or music on long journeys.


If you are planning to travel very light, a smartphone may be a suitable alternative to a laptop. You can still use Skype with a wifi-enabled phone, making it easy to stay in touch with loved ones. A high-quality smartphone can also be used as a replacement for an mp3 player, as many modern models can store a huge number of music files. Use free wifi points to download games, to keep you entertained whilst travelling. Finally, search the internet for travel-themed apps and enjoy a vast amount of info about your destination at your fingertips.

Digital SLR

A built-in phone camera may be good for quick snaps, though for really memorable photographs, go for something more high-tech. A digital SLR which features an Intelligent Auto Mode is ideal for beginners, as the camera will automatically select the best settings to achieve a perfect picture. Go for a digital SLR wit a high-quality zoom lens, which is perfect for capturing images of nature. A touch-screen makes it easy to use a digital SLR whilst on-the-go and additional features like audio and HD video capabilities and a high-resolution LCD screen are also worth looking out for.