Tenerife is a great destination for a holiday thanks to its amazing ability to offer something for everyone. Should you wish to travel to a place where you can relax on a beautiful beach all day or go hiking up to the top of a volcano, then Tenerife can cater for that. For those who want to find some of the best sites Tenerife has to offer, this guide will endeavour to give you some ideas.


Mount Teide

Look up from any point of Tenerife and you will see Mount Teide somewhere in the skyline. The highest peak in Spain reaching 3,718 metres, it is home in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Parque Nacional Del Teide. Getting to the park is fairly easy as you can pick up a free map and rent a car for relatively cheap. If you do not wish to drive yourself take one of the coach day trips there.

Entry to the park and to the base of the volcano is free and the landscape is stunning. From there you can explore the park or pay to take the cable car up to the peak of the mountain which offers you some spectacular views of the surrounding islands. If you choose to stay at the base make sure you visit the free visitors’ centre which is well worth a visit.

The Beach

While this is an obvious attraction of any island that is well known for its beautiful beaches, there are some cases where people avoid the beaches because of the islands black sand. The black sand is a natural feature of the islands volcanic past and you can also find plenty of superb beaches with soft golden sands and clear turquoise waters.

One such beach with golden sands is Las Vistas which is the biggest beach in the Los Critianos area and is manmade. For those who are not afraid of visiting a black sand beach then head over to El Medano which is a long lat beach which is also a favourite amongst surfers as the winds can sometimes pick up. Be sure to check out cheapflights.co.uk for the best deals on your flights when you are planning on travelling to Tenerife.

Siam Park

This water park has a heavy Thai tone to its architecture and is widely regarded as a world class tourist attraction since it has brought the best water rides from around the world to one place. The design of the park was given approval by the royal family of Thailand and you will be transported to a Thai like world almost as soon as you step through the door and face the floating village made from Thai imported wood.

One of the best rides in the park is the Tower of Power in which you hurtle down a slide vertically and pass through a shark tank around half way down. If all of this gets too much for you then you can take the opportunity to relax on a rubber ring as you float down the Mai Thai River or even stop off and relax on one of the many sun loungers. The park is also home to the biggest wave machine in the world.