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Single Trip vs Annual Travel Insurance

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When it comes to holiday insurance, don’t leave home without the right level of cover. Why? Because without it, you could be exposed to all sorts of costs should your dream holiday turn out to be a nightmare. From medical…

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Wine Tours of the World

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The wine growing regions of the world often happen to be some of the warmest, sunniest and most pleasant places to go on holiday. Wine regions tend to be temperate, neither too hot nor too cold, with a moderate amount…

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How to feel right at home in Central London

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There are plenty of reasons for choosing a centrally-located hotel in London. In the midst of such a sprawling city, you’re closer to transport links, activities and sights, and will get a better sense of what this city is really…

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Canadian Living – You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

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In my experience, Canadians are acutely aware of the favourable reception they receive abroad, when they say, ‘actually dude, I’m Canadian’, but unlike their American neighbours, are, like my fellow Englishmen, caught by a sudden sense of patriotic modesty when…

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Top 5 Travel Budgeting Apps

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There is no doubt that travel can be expensive, but not to worry. In this day and age of smart phones and apps galore, there is plenty of help out there for you to find and plan the best budget…