Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations for people from across the UK. The Sunshine State offers them the opportunity to escape the wet and cold English weather and lounge in the sun.

There are a wide range of different accommodations you can chose from when going on a trip to Florida and you want to make sure to pick the perfect one for you. But why not think a bit outside the box and stay in a rented villa instead of the conventional hotel or holiday rental? Especially for families or bigger groups of people a villa will be a great alternative. Florida 4 Less offer a wide range of great villas in Orlando at affordable prices that suit your needs.


But what are the benefits of renting your own villa?

First and foremost, a villa offers you the opportunity to escape the mass tourism you encounter in hotels. Especially if you are looking for peace and quiet, a villa is a great alternative. You also find villas away from the tourist hotspots. Basically there are quite a few places where you can find some great villas, so you can just pick the one near to the places you wish to visit during your stay.

Secondly, you obviously have more privacy and freedom than you would have in a hotel. Whilst staying in a hotel you need to schedule your day around their meal-times or entertainment programmes, a villa offers you the freedom to decide when to do what. You also end up spending less on eating out since you can prepare your own food.

On top of that, you do not need to be considerate of other people. This can be of particular advantage if you are travelling with little children who are often noisy and told off by other hotel guests.

Most villas come completely furnished, with fully equipped kitchen and all the appliances you need and thus make you feel home. Also the space that villas offer is not to neglect. There are villas big enough to accommodate large groups or extended families. Whilst you often end up renting two or more hotel rooms when travelling as a family, you can enjoy your time together in a villa.

When deciding to stay in a villa, you can chose from a range of different styles, so whether you are looking a nice garden with a swimming pool and space for your children or wish several bathrooms or even a jacuzzi, you will definitely find the perfect villa for you.

Although you may think that renting your own villa sounds quite expensive, you may actually be better off when travelling in a bigger group or as a family with several children. Thus, renting a villa is simply great value for money and makes your Florida holiday a unique experience and stay in your own private villa.