There is plenty to do in New York and it covers all the bases in terms of the range of entertainment options on offer. The city has a strong support of sports and some of major teams in the NHL, NBA and NFL reside in the city. New York is also the host of a number of tennis tournaments, most notably the US Open. There are a number of places to play tennis throughout New York and some of them will charge fees, but you can also find some good courts for free in the five boroughs.

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If you plan to stay in NYC for an extended period of time you may benefit from the purchase of a permit, as some courts will require a permit and it will also expand your playing options.


Just south of the well known sports complex ‘Pier 40,’you will find three well maintained tennis courts which sit on the far west side of the island, offering fantastic views of the financial district and New Jersey. It’s very enjoyable to cycle to the courts via the Hudson Parkway if you are in uptown New York. You can also cycle down the east side parkway and then make the cross town transfer via 14th street. As it is a popular tennis spot, you may want to come later in the afternoon or early in the morning asyou can wait up to an hour to play for one hour, so bring a book/I Pod/Tablet to keep yourself entertained.

96th Street

These public courts reside in the upper west part of Manhattan on 96th street and inside the Hudson Riverside Park. There are now ten clay courts to keep keen tennis players entertained, but the courts can fill up fast so you may have to wait your turn. You can take the local 1 train uptown which will get you to 96th street and from there it is only a short walk to the courts. Likewise, you can cycle up the west side cycle path or cross from the east via Central Park.

Washington Market Park

This hidden gem lies in the Tribeca area of New York between Chambers street and the Manhattan Community College. This is one of the Manhattan courts which you will need a permit for, and as there is only one court available the spaces will fill up quickly.  I would recommend making sure you’re the early bird by signing up ahead of time and focusing on the other enjoyable parts of your holiday.

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