Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just get in the car one morning and drive? With no fixed destination or time constraints? Well that’s exactly what I decided to do last summer after humming and hahhing over where to travel to next. Sadly my own little car wasn’t quite up to touring unknown roads after a mix up after a roundabout left us both needing a MOT. The bad news was that my car was going to need extensive repairs, the good news was that the insurance would cover the cost and also provide me with a lovely lease car until my own was back on the road.

Anyone that’s ever leased a car will know there are a huge choice of vehicles to choose from, but I’m a bit stoic and know what I like and trust so chose a Ford. Not the raciest of choices but Ford Car Leasing offered a good deal and after explaining that I was going to take a road trip around the country they happily sorted the paperwork out for me and sent me on my way with a full tank of petrol and best wishes for a good trip. The first thing to do was get in the holiday spirit, out came the iPod and my favourite travelling songs were soon playing through the car stereo system.

Ford Car Leasing had made sure I had all the necessary legal documents plus breakdown cover and a generous mileage allowance, they even threw in a map and a sat nav system just in case I got lost which was very nice of them. Windows opened fully, singing along to the stereo I drove on, not actually caring about time – I’m in no rush to get anywhere and plan to find a multitude of campsites, B & B’s. Hostels or even the odd couch surf on this trip. Anything that is slightly out of the ordinary is welcomed because I’m a free spirit type of person. I want to feel the breeze in my hair, the sun on my face and see scenery and places as far off the beaten track as I can. Not the usual tourist spots that people visit but the true hidden gems that some of us search for.


So on that note I’m driving along a winding country road, not a person in sight or another car, just the occasional farm animal seen in my rear view mirror. The great thing about being on a road trip with no rules is that I can stop when I feel like it, admire the view and not have to worry about anything apart from refuelling the car occasionally. The full tank of fuel provided by Ford Car Leasing won’t last for the whole journey as I plan to be away for round 10 days this time (that’s how long it should take for my own car to be repaired). Usually I would travel longer and there is a chance I may well just extend this trip, which when I spoke to Ford Car Leasing was not a problem for them – isn’t it great to get complete customer service satisfaction?

Back to my trip, well I’m on day 5 now and have seen some amazing sights – waterfalls and spring flowers, wildlife and unusual shaped hills. I’ve driven down dales and through fields of green, past trees that are many years old and across small streams. I’ve really put this rental car through it’s paces and have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far. I’ve met beautiful people, heard tales of old and given lifts to fellow travellers who were hitch hiking in odd places. The perfect trip so far and I’m hopeful that the rest goes just as smoothly and my Ford Car Leasing holiday as it’s become known is not the only the highlight of 2014.