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Total Travel Guide offers travel guides for ideas and inspiration so you don’t rush off to your local Travel Supermarket, but instead sit down and plan what it is you really want from a holiday. Because we are a UK travel blog that accepts guest posts from bloggers all over the world, we aim offer our readers something the local Travel Supermarket simply does not: inspiration to try something new. Lets face it, when most of us want a holiday or to travel somewhere cheaply and easily, we go to our local Travel Supermarket and pick what appears to be a great deal, but is often just the same old boring holiday we always try, and full of tourists! Why not experience a country properly and go somewhere a little less known, and not the latest offer that a Travel Supermarket is trying to push on you. Have a read of the guest posts on Total Travel Guide and see if there is somewhere that you feel inspired to try!
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10 Destinations For Adventure Sports Lovers

Travel Tips

I would like to thank Ryan for publishing this article. His site is a true testimony to his passion for travel and is filled with great anecdotes and tips and tricks from his own experiences. After reading this, be sure…

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The Best Tips To Save Money While Travelling

Travel Tips

‘Count every small leak and fill a great ship’ –this is what the basic formula of saving money. However, most of us don’t remember this at the time of spending money, as we go through the zeal of thrust, forgetting…

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Tips for having the best holiday in St. Lucia


St. Lucia is a gorgeous Caribbean island that’s popular both as a cruise destination and for its inclusive resort offerings. The breathtaking scenery ranges from soaring mountains to soft beaches, offering something for everyone. If you’re planning an escape to…

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The Top Cultural Attractions to Do in London

Travel Tips

If you are planning on visiting London, there are plenty of cultural attractions to take advantage of so that you can really take in the British way of life, its history, and its modern day traditions. Whether you are visiting…

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Regardless of whether you want to take a short midweek break or a weekend trip, you will want to know which the best destinations are if you love winter sports. There are some incredible spots to check out for your...