Information about applying for and obtaining an ESTA visa waiver for those traveling to the United States from the UK.

There’s nothing worse than making all the necessary arrangements for your U.S. vacation or business visit, only to discover that you’ve forgotten to obtain the travel permit required to enter the United States from another country. That’s where we come in. Our goal at Total Travel Guide is to not only provide vacation inspiration for travel enthusiasts around the world, but to help make the process of traveling to another country as simple and stress-free as possible. That means providing reliable customer service, responding to travel questions and concerns, and helping to prepare necessary travel documents, especially for first-time travellers unsure about the steps they need to take to obtain the required travel permits, such as an ESTA visa.

Applying for an American ESTA

ESTA, or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, is an automated online system that provides advanced travel authorization for residents of countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). For those individuals traveling from the UK or another participating VWP country to the United States, it is necessary to obtain an American ESTA prior to departure, in order to be eligible to enter the U.S. and remain in the country for a period of 90 days or less, without a traditional visa. In most cases, an ESTA visa is obtained by UK citizens traveling to the United States for tourism, vacation, business, leisure, or other similar reasons.

Why are ESTA Visas Required?

In order to visit the United States via plane or ship, UK citizens must either travel under the Visa Waiver Program with an American ESTA or have a valid U.S. visa, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The ESTA authorization system was designed to fortify security measures and guarantee the safety of VWP citizens traveling to the United States, and the program allows UK citizens to make short trips to the U.S. without obtaining a visa. An ESTA visa waiver is typically valid for two years, or until the traveller’s passport expires, whichever comes first, and permits the visitor to travel to the United States numerous times during that period, without having to fill out a new ESTA application.

How We Can Help

Our goal at Total Travel Guide is to make travel from the UK to the U.S. as seamless as possible, and to provide peace of mind for travellers uneasy about acquiring the necessary travel documents and permits. In order to do so, our experienced, professional agents are willing to help in any way we can, including completing the online ESTA application for you and ensuring that your travel documents are submitted without any issues or errors. For more information about applying for an ESTA travel visa online, visit this online ESTA application system for UK travellers.