Aurora Borealis In Iceland

The Northern Lights are spectacular, so when our friends over at World Adventure Travel mentioned they tied it into their trip and one of the Top things to see in the Galapagos Islands, we thought we’d look at where else we can see this spectacular natural occurrence. We also wrote another article on a Norwegian Cruise where you may see the Northern Lights.

Iceland with its beautiful snow-capped mountains that cast their shadows into the clear rivers beneath them makes you think of a place full of ice and quiet. If that is what you think or are thinking, then you are in for a pleasant surprise! It is affectionately described as the land of “fire and ice” and rightly so. What a contradiction! But truly Iceland is a land of extremes with beautiful glaciers and active volcanoes. Water is available in all its forms; frozen and liquid, hot or cold. If you ever have to take a break, think first about Iceland Holidays, Northern Lights, Whale Watching and the other thrills that come with it.

The Holiday season typically starts in the summer with tourists trouping in to enjoy the breath-taking scenery and engage in activities that are native to Iceland and nowhere else. Among the many holidays are the Independence Day celebrations and the Viking holiday which is a month long celebration to honour their Viking heritage. It is popular among natives who use it as an opportunity to host outdoor events.

The northern lights normally seen in winter between the months of March and September are a wonder to behold, a natural wonder. It occurs only in one other place on earth, Alaska. It is a natural light display that normally occurs in the high latitudes. It casts patterns in shades of green, blue or red across the sky and is best seen on dark nights when its beauty can marvel and leave you speechless. You cannot help but fall in love with the land in which skies such natural beauty occurs.

Iceland is one of the best, if not the best place on earth to go whale watching. There are numerous tour operators who offer whale watching expeditions: from the traveller who is watching the budget, to the one who has lots to spend. The pristine clean waters make it an absolute delight to watch the whales and there can be several of them dancing and twirling, flipping and diving in complete abandon in the beautiful waters. Of course, you can get to take photos of them!

There are many other things you can do, go swimming in the blue lagoon, which is a natural geothermal pool with silica rich clay which is renowned for its healing properties, or enjoy a water massage from the waterfall. Yes, swimming is one definite thing you must do when in Iceland, the abundance of natural and artificial pools and water is one definite thing you must take advantage of. In fact, when you go swimming in the Blue Lagoon, you are actually on two continents. How close can anyone get?

You can also take advantage of that to see the North America/Eurasian tectonic Plates that are actually dividing Iceland and causing a beehive of activities in the earth plates with active volcanoes. One such eruption recently caused disruption to air travel in Europe for weeks. For those who love the outdoors, come see the place where the sea, sky and land meet in all their natural glory and splendour. You can treat yourself to delicious sea foods or simply go in for the Iceland classic, fish and chips. You just cannot afford to miss the Iceland Holidays, Northern Lights, Whale Watching, and all the other splendour that go with the experience.

If this kind of active holiday is up your street, check out the World Adventure Travel blog for more active holiday ideas!