Thinking of buying a motorhome for the first time? A little concerned because you might make a mistake?

Well, it’s right to be careful and to do your research thoroughly. Motorhomes are typically a large expenditure item and you want to get it right. However, once you do so, you’ll see a new recreational world open up before your eyes!

To help you go forward, a few top tips relating to motorhome selection are listed below.

Research and research again

It’s easy for your eagerness to get the better of you. That can push you into over-hasty buying decisions.

Remember that a motorhome isn’t just about price and fittings. Many other things needs to be taken into account including:

  • fuel consumption;
  • depreciation statistics;
  • reliability;
  • ease of re-sale;

Don’t try and do all this based upon a single motorhome solution you have in mind or in a spare 5-10 minutes. Instead, put some serious time to one side and research the market and your options thoroughly.

Critically assess your own requirements

The size and type of motorhome you select should be heavily influenced by your own requirements and capabilities. All motorhome buying tips should include advice to make sure you understand things such as:

  • are you happy driving very large vehicles or would you prefer a modestly-sized motorhome;
  • how often will you use it and typically over what distances/durations;
  • do you have a driveway or garage big enough to accommodate it (remember, some local councils might have restrictions on driveway parking of motorhomes and your neighbours might object too);
  • is it going to be used largely by you alone, you and a partner or you and a larger family?

All these factors and many others like them need to be clear in your own mind before hitting the showroom trail.

Know your technical limitations

You certainly don’t need to be a qualified engineer to enjoy a motorhome! Even so, when buying, there will be technical issues that need to be taken into consideration.

If you’re mechanically and vehicle minded, then fine. If you’re not, call upon the help of either someone who is or a quality retailer of motorhomes with the experience to guide you through some of the technology and what it might mean in terms of affecting your eventual decision.

Prepare your funding options in advance

There’s nothing concrete to say here in terms of specifics because an option that’s right for someone else might not be optimal for you.

Be a little cautious about using your cash reserves or retirement kitty. Surprisingly perhaps, that’s not necessarily always the best option when buying a motorhome. It can be more efficient to use one of the various funding options that might be available to you such as HP or lease purchase etc.

Look into your options, potential funds providers and be sure you’re clear about your overall financial position, before starting to look at vehicles on sites.

Private purchases versus dealerships

Once again, there’s no universal answer here.

Broadly speaking, buying a used vehicle privately might offer you some ticket-price cost savings. However, against that, you’ll need to keep in mind that you’ll typically have no post-sale support or service and your post-sale legal rights when dealing with a private individual are limited to non-existent.

You may pay a little more in terms of the price through a dealership but you should get that legal protection of your rights and post-sales support.

Enjoy selecting your motorhome and have fun with it! Just remember to do your homework before purchase.