Introducing Thailand

Located in the Gulf of Siam, the warm and tropical island of Thailand is one of those Southeast Asian countries that are frequented by many tourists from around the world. Its capital city, Bangkok, is known for its free and open economy which is one reason why it is teeming with commercial establishments.

From vacationers, adventurers, and even honeymooners, Thailand is a very popular tourist destination as it brings a considerable number of visitors every year. It is well-known for its scenic and breathtaking landscapes and beaches along with its rich and interesting traditions. In fact, this country has been dubbed as a place that should be viewed through the cultural prism in a modern setup.

Some of the most fascinating places to visit in Thailand include what is known as the door to the multi-faceted cultural heritage of the country, the Ancient City or Muang Boran.  The country’s Buddhist Temples are also sights that are worth looking into. Built on a man-made hill, it is considered as the highest temple in all of Thailand. Other sites include the Golden Triangle which is the merging point of Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar; the Elephant camps where tourists can enjoy interacting with these big creatures; and the Hot Springs in Chian Mai with over 50 springs to dip and relax in. Why not have a read of Five things to do in Kanchanaburi.

The possibilities for recreation n Thailand ranges from biking to scuba diving to spa treatments. The beaches of Phuket and Kalim are the most popular beaches in the country. They are also the perfect surfing site for beginners with their small and calm waves. Diving and snorkeling sites that are filled with coral reefs, barracudas, and many more plant and animal life are also rampant in the area. Some of the most popular ones include Hin Daeng, Din Mouang, and Chon Buri. Out of water activities consist of caving in Kang Lave Cave, golfing in Pattaya, and bird watching in the Dol Inthanon National Park.

There are so many things to do in Thailand. Apart from enjoying the beautiful sceneries, another very popular activity that many people enjoy doing in Thailand is shopping. The country offers a multitude of shops and arcades to purchase practically almost anything from designer items to handicrafts to exquisite knickknacks. The famous floating markets of Bangkok are one of the most popular shopping destinations for avid bargain hunters. For those who have hectic mornings reserved for sightseeing, night shopping should be something that they should do in their night Bazaars.

There are so many activities that anyone would enjoy in Thailand at night. It has quite a number of bars and clubs where partygoers can party and interact with other tourists and even the locals. Aside from partying, tourists are also treated to a wide range of entertainment opportunities like movies, shows, theaters, body art, and massage services. For the sport enthusiasts, the country offers a number of sport activities like golf, tennis, along with a number of water sports, and many more.

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