Heathrow – the busiest airport in the UK. With four currently operating passenger terminals, it serves over 69 million people a year. Heathrow opens up possibilities for air travel to 170 destinations across the globe, and even more with connecting flights. The four year old Terminal 5 accounts for a big chunk of the throughput of the airport at 26.3 million passengers at a cost of £4 billion. Whatever your destination, Heathrow hotels from Travelodge are situated minutes away from the busy airport to give you a place to stay before or after your flight to your ideal holiday destination.

There are five hotels around the airport providing a relaxing fantastic night’s sleep and positioned ideally if you wanted to fit in a trip to London or maybe Windsor Castle; the Heathrow Terminal 5 hotel has the London underground running right from the hotel which makes for excellent city links. Even if you’ve seen all the delights that London has to offer or you don’t really have time, it’s well worth a stay at one of the excellent hotels around Heathrow to prepare yourself for your long holiday flight. Nothing beats a good night’s rest before a flight, especially when travelling with children. Just imagine how nice it would be to drive to Heathrow, drop your car off at the nearby long stay car parks (or just get the train – don’t forget that Heathrow has excellent train links!), check in to your hotel and simply relax. You can wake up the next day and feel ready for the flight – no rushing and last-minute panicking, so you can transfer to the airport and get there in plenty of time.

Do the same in reverse on the way back from your holiday too – when you land, your bed can be only minutes away as opposed to several long arduous hours on the road or train to home. How much easier does that sound – spread out your travel and your holiday travel can be made entirely stress free!

You might think staying nearby an airport would be noisy – but the hotels near the airport have this covered, featuring soundproofed windows that cannot be opened which means you will get the good night’s sleep you deserve. They also have your breakfast needs covered – serving cooked breakfast starting from first thing in the morning (times vary depending on hotel), and serving hot dinners in the evening. The room rates are also excellent – starting at just £51 per room per night.

Heathrow operates to some fantastic destinations. The busiest routes from the airport are to New York, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got skiing planned in the thrilling slopes near Geneva, Switzerland or you’re planning on sunning yourself in Athens, Greece. Perhaps you’re planning a raucous stag or hen party in Dublin, or an exciting family holiday in Miami, Florida to visit the incredible Disney World. Wherever your destination, even just a UK holiday near London or Windsor, these excellent value hotels have got your back.