Those looking for a beautiful, adventurous, and romantic place to spend your New Zealand honeymoon may want to consider going to New Zealand. A New Zealand honeymoon offers a wide range of activities that make it a prime destination for couples with different tastes and from different walks of life. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon relaxing on the beach or hiking through some of the world’s most beautiful national parks, New Zealand is the place to go.


Beautiful Scenery

A New Zealand honeymoon will certainly offer some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll find anywhere around the world. Couples can take their pick from a number of different villas and resorts nestled into cliffs, which look out over beautiful white sandy beaches and the Tasman Sea. It’s also possible to book private helicopter tours, which will take you on a journey through the Southern Alps and over the Milford Sound, giving you an unbelievable view of the wide-ranging landscapes of New Zealand, from mountains to rainforest.

Adventurous Day Trips

Those looking to book a bit of excitement into their honeymoon can sign up for a number of unique adventures. In addition to scenic helicopter tours, couples can take mountain biking tours, travel down the Dart River on a speedboat, visit Maori tribes, or go on a wilderness safari. All of these options are available as single day trips or as part of a variety of various Queenstown resort packages, allowing couples to tailor their trips according to their interests and timetables.

Luxury Resorts

In addition to sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences like those above, couples can also book some down time into their New Zealand honeymoon as well. The luxury resorts in New Zealand boast luxury spas where couples can book massages, enjoy top of the line honeymoon suites, and relax on the nearby beach with drinks in hand. The day can be broken up with a series of leisurely nature walks; the Hawke’s Bay area in particular is known for its scenic trails.

Culture and Fine Dining

A New Zealand honeymoon should also involve a taste of the local culture and cuisine. For example, the Nelson area is known for its vineyards, and couples can spend a day touring and tasting at the local wineries. The same region also boasts the famous “Saturday Market” which features local arts, crafts, and homemade foods. Those particularly interested in the art scene can pay a visit to Hoglund Glass to see art in the making.

To get the most out of your New Zealand honeymoon, its best to book a trip through a travel service. Travel agents can help you plan out your daily itineraries so you and your spouse can be sure include all of the sites and attractions that are most intriguing to you as a couple. While a week of honeymooning in New Zealand can be great, two weeks is even more preferable, as it will allow you to travel to a number of different locales and get a better taste of the country.