Known for its dramatic scenery, Scotland is also home to some of the UK’s most incredible natural wildlife. From incredible inland birds to sea life, Scotland is a dream destination for animal lovers seeking a look at some of the most diverse, unique, and interesting creatures in Europe.

From peregrine falcons to kingfishers, Scotland’s inland and sea birds are an incredible sight

From peregrine falcons to kingfishers, Scotland’s inland and sea birds are an incredible sight

Scotland’s Incredible Sea Life

Up to two metres long and almost 300 kilograms in bodyweight, the grey seal is one of Scotland’s most recognizable marine animals. Home to around 40 percent of the world’s total grey seal population, Scotland’s rugged western coastline is the ideal location to spot this unique and interesting sea mammal.

Minke whales, a seven-metre long whale that lives in groups of two to four, can be seen off Scotland’s coastline. A popular attraction for tourists, minke whales can be spotted on whale watching tours, many of which depart from the Isle of Mull for a variety of offshore whale watching locales.

Scotland’s population of Atlantic salmon has made it a hotspot for fishing gurus for decades. While local ordinances designed to maintain the salmon population make catch-and-release the standard choice, guided fishing tours in some of Scotland’s best rivers are a great holiday option for passionate anglers.

Scotland’s Beautiful Inland and Sea Birds

The pink-footed goose, a common sight on Scotland’s eastern waterways, is one of the country’s most famous birds. Seen frequently between October and April, these charming birds are one of the easiest birds to spot if you’re staying close to one of Scotland’s large interior waterways.

Kingfishers are easy to spot on many of Scotland’s lakes and rivers. Drawn to still or slow-moving water, these beautiful birds are a great photography target for visitors to Scotland during the spring and summer. Despite their shy nature, they’re an easy bird to spot due to their bright colouration and iconic pointed bills.

The peregrine falcon, one of the world’s fastest birds, is alive and well in Scotland’s interior. Formerly endangered due to pesticides and other environmental dangers, the Scottish peregrine population has surged in recent years. This elegant bird can be found in Scotland’s moors, as well as alongside steep seaside cliffs.

Scotland’s Stunning Red Deer

Found as far south as the Lake District in Northwest England, red deer are easy to spot throughout the Scottish highlands. As one of the nation’s largest wild animals, spotting a red deer in the wild is a fantastic thrill that’s certainly part of the Scottish wildlife experience.

From sea life to highland mammals, one of the best ways to see Scotland’s wonderful animals in their natural environment is through coach holidays to Scotland. Enjoy an inside look into Scotland’s stunning moors, lakes, rivers, and coastal areas, as well as the huge variety of incredible wildlife that can be observed.