Valencia remains one of the top destinations chosen by people for both short weekend breaks and longer vacations. For many years Valencia remained in the shadows of Spain’s larger regions, however, today it is considered a jewel in the Spanish crown. There is a distinct mix of culture throughout the region, including magnificent landmarks, and vibrant nightlife.

As soon as you arrive in Valencia, you will be in awe of the huge amount that is on offer, with magnificent buildings, and fascinating towns and cities. Regardless of why you want to visit, Valencia has it all, and will ensure that you want to return time and time again. Located on the east coast of Spain, Region of Valencia has over 450Km of coastline to explore, and crystal clear waters to cool off in and enjoy.


Throughout the summer months, there are huge arrays of different fiestas and festivals that will entice you to join with the locals. Many of the fiestas are held on and around the local beaches, and you can easily join in the fun. Researching before you go is essential, and there are many websites to look on the Internet such as We Are Holidays.


Whilst in Valencia, you can enjoy the local cuisine, and food and drink is a huge part of the culture, with meals being a vital part of the day. There are numerous bars and restaurants located around the region, serving traditional tapas and local specialties. With such a huge amount of fresh fish, fruits and daily prepared dishes, you will never tire of stopping for something to eat.
This region is considered to be one of the most interesting with something for every age, whether you want to take the leap into the modern areas or enjoy the older villages. Tourism remains a massive part of Valencia, and some areas can be crowded throughout the summer months. You need to consider what you want to see and do, and choose your destination wisely.


If you want to visit a tourist Mecca Benidorm is a popular choice with fun packed activities, sun, beaches and vibrant nightlife. There are theme parks, tourist resorts, and plenty of bars and restaurants to suit your taste and budget. However, if you prefer a quieter pace of life, there are other areas to suit your needs.
Torrevieja, Alicante and Altea are all coastal resorts that offer a mix of old and new, combined with magnificent beaches, excellent water sports and vibrant nightlife. Moving further inland the landscape changes and the climate get cooler. Nestled amongst mountains and quaint Spanish white washed houses, you can explore the traditional side of Spain.


With so much on offer, you will soon realize why so many people choose this region of Valencia when searching for the perfect holiday destination this year. Valencia holds so many surprises that you will love visiting time and time again. Watch the video, book your holiday and join in the fun with everyone else that has chosen Valencia.

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