Europe has some of the most celebrated musical festival in the world. So good, in fact, that you can end up wanting to go to them all and, before you know it, all your summer savings have disappeared. But you don’t have to let this stop you from enjoying yourself, because from Achica Travel to a piggy bank there are some easy ways you can save some money on your festival exploits.

Before you set off, you should take some time out to make a well planned route. This should include the festivals you want to go to, local transport stations along the way and accommodation.

When planning your route, base the festivals you go to on time rather than geography. If you’ve just finished at the Super Bock Super Rock in early June, there’s no point hanging around in Portugal for the next big festival to arrive in July. You’d be better off moving on to nearby Spain for Sónar or the Azkena Rock Festival that takes place a few days later.

Getting around from festival to festival can be expensive, but it can be made cheaper by using mainland Europe’s excellent transport infrastructure. Europe has some great deals on trains that travel during the night, meaning that you can catch up on valuable sleep to.

If you’re travelling from a festival in the UK, to one on the mainland, it’s a good idea to take the coach. Although the travel times can be long, you’ll save a lot on costs and some coach services offer free Wi-Fi and plug sockets for your laptop.

If you find that the cost of hostels is bleeding you dry, then take advantage of what you’ve already packed and go camping. There are plenty of campsites in Europe and the festival season coincides with the warmest months of the year. While camping is a lot cheaper than staying in hostels, you will have to go without a few luxuries.

If you can’t handle the idea of camping for weeks on end, then you can still save money of hostels. It’s a good idea to use the internet to scout around for your next hostel, but not necessarily to pre book one. Although pre booking a hostel should ensure you have accommodation, if you turn up at one and it’s not very full, you may be able to get the price down a bit.

When choosing a hostel, the cost isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. Really cheap hostels might have hidden costs, like having to pay for your own breakfast or even loo roll, so it could end up being more expensive.

If you want to save money on a festival tour, it can help to go a bit earlier in the season. There are still some great options open to you, but off season festivals tend to be a bit cheaper. Some great early festivals include Passpop in the Netherlands, Printemp de Bourges in France and Groezrock in Belgium, which all happen in April.