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The Delights of Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is found on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and is just one of the amazing locations you can get to from Birmingham by plane. While many of us know very little about this magnificent city the short flight time…

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Winter Sports at a Great Price


Bulgaria is fast becoming a popular destination for those of us that love to indulge in the pleasure of winter sports. But this ex-communist country has far more to offer than many people think and you will be surprised by…

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Visiting Paris in January


Paris is a city with a certain magic; many a love story has had its passion ignited here. The city oozes romance, has a rich history and offers excellent opportunities for shoppers. Paris has something for all travellers no matter…

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The Canary Islands, a Unique Experience


The Canary Islands with their subtropical climate and beautiful scenery are a haven for wildlife and the perfect place to take a holiday at any time of the year. When other countries are cold and dreary the sunshine and warm weather continues…

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Torrevieja on a Shoestring


Do you have a serious case of wanderlust but insufficient funds to splash the cash? The Spanish town of Torrevieja, on the scenic Costa Blanca, is one European destination which can be easily reached by budget airlines and benefits from…

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Enjoying Australia on a budget


Australia’s diverse tourist attractions and activities entice all kinds of travellers, but one critical fact remains: an Australian adventure can be expensive if the trip is not planned well. So, there goes the big budget issue, which readily bursts the…

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Why the Best way to get Around London is Still a Taxi


London remains one of the top cities for people to visit and explore, with many people travelling from all over the world. Therefore, finding the best mode of transport to explore is essential, and will guarantee that your experience in…

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Fun Times Ahead in Quaint Cornwall


When we think of Cornwall images of those tasty Cornish pasties, the absolutely stunning countryside and breezy beach fronts complete with surfers spring to mind, but this popular county on the south coast of England has much more to offer….

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Malaga’s secret beaches


A Spanish city and province famous for its sunshine, Malaga is synonymous with great beaches. Come here and you’ll find gorgeous stretches of sand all along the coastline, but is there anywhere you can go if you want to escape…

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