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How to feel right at home in Central London

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There are plenty of reasons for choosing a centrally-located hotel in London. In the midst of such a sprawling city, you’re closer to transport links, activities and sights, and will get a better sense of what this city is really…

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Five Stunning Properties in Devon


When it comes to UK holidays Devon is a hugely popular destination for many different reasons; not least of which is the variety that can be found between its’ two separate coastlines. A Devon holiday cottage is the perfect base…

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The Festive Period at Gleneagles Hotel


It’s hard to image a more appropriate place to celebrate Christmas than the Gleneagles Hotel. During the colder months – even away from the festive season – this five star golf resort replicates the most perfect Winter Wonderland, festooned with…

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The Sacrifice of the Vacation


Introduction I breathed in, the fresh air filling my lungs. We were surrounded by quiet woodlands, not a sound, but the occasional bird song. We walked over the crisp golden brown rainbows of leaves and mossy roots of the towering…

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A family day out in England


England is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, with its rich culture and to its extensively rich architectural cities. One of the main tourist attraction sites in England is Canterbury ancient city that plays host to one…

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Holiday in the woods this autumn


Summer has come and gone, and as autumn sets in, you might think that the chance to go on a fun and exciting holiday are at best limited. However, despite the inclement weather, there’s nothing stopping you and your family…

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London’s Finest Hotels


What are the finest hotels in London? When money isn’t an option, it’s worth taking advantage of the UK capital’s many 5 star hotels, many of which rank among the most luxurious in the world. Most of London’s finest hotels…

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Top 3 Child-Friendly Hotels in the UK


When booking a family holiday within the UK, the importance of selecting a hotel that understands how to keep your children entertained cannot be stressed enough. On a holiday abroad, kids will happily amuse themselves jumping in the pool and…

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A Skater’s Guide: Britain’s Best Skateparks


The UK is brimming with uniquely crafted landscapes to be utilised by skating enthusiasts. Most major cities and small towns feature some kind of skatepark. I have been a dedicated skateboarder since an early age, as are the majority of…