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Why I Want To Walk the Streets of Madrid


There is more to Spain than sunshine, beaches, Spanish food and inexpensive alcohol. Although those are some of the reasons why so many people head to the Spanish isles and coastal towns every year, if you head further inland to…

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Explore the Delights of Valencia


Valencia remains one of the top destinations chosen by people for both short weekend breaks and longer vacations. For many years Valencia remained in the shadows of Spain’s larger regions, however, today it is considered a jewel in the Spanish…

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Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel


At the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel they have an exciting programme of events planned for 2014, which is promising to be the best year yet. Not only do they have great music, fantastic DJ’s and the best atmosphere in Ibiza,…

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The Canary Islands, a Unique Experience


The Canary Islands with their subtropical climate and beautiful scenery are a haven for wildlife and the perfect place to take a holiday at any time of the year. When other countries are cold and dreary the sunshine and warm weather continues…

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Torrevieja on a Shoestring


Do you have a serious case of wanderlust but insufficient funds to splash the cash? The Spanish town of Torrevieja, on the scenic Costa Blanca, is one European destination which can be easily reached by budget airlines and benefits from…

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Malaga’s secret beaches


A Spanish city and province famous for its sunshine, Malaga is synonymous with great beaches. Come here and you’ll find gorgeous stretches of sand all along the coastline, but is there anywhere you can go if you want to escape…

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Tapas in Malaga

Featured, Spain

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the south of Spain, you’d expect Malaga to provide just about everything you need for the perfect holiday by the sea. And, fortunately, it delivers in every respect. From the flawless…

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Spacious Holiday Apartments in Barcelona


Let’s face it, in small cities like Barcelona with a large population, it’s hard to find a spacious place to stay, especially when it comes to hotels. Unless you’re willing to spend loads of money, you’ll probably end up in…