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Mediterranean islands wrapped in mythology


The Greek islands are a great place to spend a summer family holiday. But as well as having some really beautiful beaches to spend time on, there is a lot of history, legend and culture attached to these islands. For…

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Christmas holidays in the Egyptian sun


If you’re looking for a festive escape this year, then where better than the sunny climes of Egypt’s own Sharm El Sheikh? Many resorts are keen to celebrate Christmas and New Year so you don’t have to miss out on…

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Iceland, Odin’s last Stronghold


Iceland is a large, isolated island in the northern Atlantic. Being located just under the arctic circle, and quite a distance from the rest of Europe, Iceland was insulated from Christian influence for most of its existence allowing it to…

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Try A Scandinavian And Russian Cruise


If you like adventure, then a Scandinavian and Russian Cruise will give you an escape into a bracing past really exploring the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. Generally this cruise will include a number of places, including some great cities of…

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Five Stunning Properties in Devon


When it comes to UK holidays Devon is a hugely popular destination for many different reasons; not least of which is the variety that can be found between its’ two separate coastlines. A Devon holiday cottage is the perfect base…

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A Touch of Mythical Magic in Majorca


Locals and tourists of Mallorca will tell you how the town of Porto Cristo is always abuzz with activity.  This town situated on the east coast of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca sees a huge number of tourists all round…

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The Festive Period at Gleneagles Hotel


It’s hard to image a more appropriate place to celebrate Christmas than the Gleneagles Hotel. During the colder months – even away from the festive season – this five star golf resort replicates the most perfect Winter Wonderland, festooned with…

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The Sacrifice of the Vacation


Introduction I breathed in, the fresh air filling my lungs. We were surrounded by quiet woodlands, not a sound, but the occasional bird song. We walked over the crisp golden brown rainbows of leaves and mossy roots of the towering…

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A family day out in England


England is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, with its rich culture and to its extensively rich architectural cities. One of the main tourist attraction sites in England is Canterbury ancient city that plays host to one…