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Best Tours in Italy


Italy is a stunning country surrounded by beautiful coastline and pristine beaches. It is not short of things to do and see as it is rich in art, cuisine, history, fashion, and culture. Create magical memories and soak up the…

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Tuscan Holiday for Food Lovers


Italy is a truly beautiful place whichever part you decide to visit, but I you are looking for a unique and authentic Italian holiday you should consider heading to Tuscany. Located deep in the Tuscan countryside is an 800 year…

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Sleeping Under the Stars


Just like many other adults of my age group, childhood holidays for me were generally spent under canvas.  Holidays abroad seemed to be exclusively reserved for the rich and famous, and as we were most definitely neither, my parents would…

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The noisiest carnivals

Italy, UK

Carnivals are one of the greatest parties to attend and we have so many to choose from. Whether you want to make a holiday out of it and go abroad or stay at home in the UK, you will find…

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Carnivals in Florence: Traditions and celebrations

Europe, Italy

Florence, Italy is a city that is buzzing with excitement and celebrations throughout the year. There are festivals and events suitable for every age, music, food and arts to satisfy every traveller. Check out some of them you won’t want…

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A Brief Guide to Venice, Italy

Europe, Italy

After reading a post over on Elite Traveller detailing where to stay in Mauritius, we asked the guys over there if they wanted to write us a brief guide to Venice, Italy. Thanks to being one of the world’s greatest…

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