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Visiting Paris in January


Paris is a city with a certain magic; many a love story has had its passion ignited here. The city oozes romance, has a rich history and offers excellent opportunities for shoppers. Paris has something for all travellers no matter…

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Nice, France for the Food Fanatics


France’s second city after its capital Paris, Nice is most famous for its extraordinary food culture and because of its location it is easy to see why. Surrounded by the fruit, vegetables and olive oil of Provence who are also…

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3 Family Things to Do in Paris


Paris is well known as the City of Love. And the said most romantic place in the world has so much to offer and in fact it is one of the best places where you can spend quality time with…

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Camping Holidays in Picardy, France


The town of Picardy, or “Picardie”, as it is written by the French, is a historic region that lies between Amsterdam, London, and Paris. It is this location that makes Picardie such an important part of French history. Some of…