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8 fun things to do in Ayia Napa during summer holidays


Ayia Napa, the city that never sleeps, is one of the favourite destinations of domestic and foreign tourism especially during the summer season. Every year, thousands of tourists, mainly from the countries of Europe, visit Ayia Napa and spend the…

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Best Tours in Italy


Italy is a stunning country surrounded by beautiful coastline and pristine beaches. It is not short of things to do and see as it is rich in art, cuisine, history, fashion, and culture. Create magical memories and soak up the…

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Caravanning Along the Essex Coastline

Europe, Travel Tips, UK

Essex is often overlooked as a caravan holiday destination. That’s a great pity. True, some western parts of the county have now become largely subsumed by London’s suburban sprawl but much of the coastline remains wild and beautiful. If you’re…

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Top things to do in London at Christmas


During December it’s pretty much safe to say that London turns in to one big Advent calendar. There is a constant hive of activity, fairy lights and festive music with events popping up all over the place. Narrowing down the…

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4 Must See Destinations in Edinburgh


It is hard to see everything a city like Edinburgh has to offer if you are visiting there from somewhere abroad. This is why it is much better to choose a selection of some of the best, must see things…

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Why I Want To Walk the Streets of Madrid


There is more to Spain than sunshine, beaches, Spanish food and inexpensive alcohol. Although those are some of the reasons why so many people head to the Spanish isles and coastal towns every year, if you head further inland to…

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5 Places You Must Visit in Liverpool


Liverpool is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the UK. The former Capital of Culture 2008 is now a hub of creativity, art and music, and the city has an extensive maritime history that makes Liverpool an incredibly exciting…

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Tuscan Holiday for Food Lovers


Italy is a truly beautiful place whichever part you decide to visit, but I you are looking for a unique and authentic Italian holiday you should consider heading to Tuscany. Located deep in the Tuscan countryside is an 800 year…