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Amazing Albuquerque: How to Save Money on Your Trip


With its stunning desert landscape and scenic mountain views, a trip to Albuquerque should undoubtedly feature on your travel wish list. If your budget is tight, there is no need for you to miss out on the experience. These tips…

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An Art Lover’s Guide to Santa Fe


A trip to Santa Fé is a real treat for art lovers. The city delights the senses with visual experiences unlike anything you’ll find in the rest of the United States. If you love art or just want to discover…

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4 Tips For Exploring Cambridge, USA


Cambridge, Mass. is right next to downtown Boston along the Charles River. The area is known for its cultural, historic, and outdoor activities. If you’re planning a trip to Cambridge, check out these tips for getting the most out of…

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Obtaining Your ESTA Visa for Travel to the United States


Information about applying for and obtaining an ESTA visa waiver for those traveling to the United States from the UK. There’s nothing worse than making all the necessary arrangements for your U.S. vacation or business visit, only to discover that…

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USA on a budget – Try Seattle


Spending spring in Seattle really is the city trip for the avid bargain hunter, with low hotel prices. If you’re looking to travel to the US on a budget and want to visit but have no idea where to go,…

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Living a life of adventure in Orlando

America, Featured

Adventure may mean different things to different individuals, but overall it always indicates experiences that are exciting, full of some degree of risk and with an element of the unknown in the mix. Pursuing adventure means never knowing how things…

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Playing Tennis in New York

New York

There is plenty to do in New York and it covers all the bases in terms of the range of entertainment options on offer. The city has a strong support of sports and some of major teams in the NHL,…