Dubrovnik is found on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and is just one of the amazing locations you can get to from Birmingham by plane. While many of us know very little about this magnificent city the short flight time of under 3 hours from most UK airports makes it a very accessible and popular place to visit within Europe. The walled city of Dubrovnik has a long history of maritime trade and was once well known for it’s wealth due to the proximity to the sea and other countries for trading. It is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has been visited by many celebrities and royalty over the years. The famous George Bernard Shaw once said “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and find it”.

Dubrovnik claims to be a city for all seasons and sure enough there seems to be plenty to do and see there. If you are staying in the old town the one piece of advise we’ve seen mentioned a few times is not to trust the signs – there are signs everywhere to let people know which businesses etc are where, but apparently they have not been updated in many years so you could end up very lost! No visit to Dubrovnik should be without the soldiers view – a walk along the ancient city walls. Imagine the sights seen over the years from this vantage point and immerse yourself in the history of this maritime city.


Beach lovers should head over to Mljet island, just off the coast of Dubrobnik this island is a haven for wildlife and also home to the National Park. You can get a ferry each morning from Dubrovnik to the island and it is certainly worth the 90 minute boat journey. The island is home to 2 stunning salt water lakes and a monastery with a long history, on the island live a small amount of people who are almost self sustaining and have an interest in eco practises. Mljet island is the perfect place for a quiet break in between city based activities.

Back on the mainland you could enjoy a fabulous meal at the Dubrovnik city harbour, where you can watch local fishermen bringing home their catch and take advantage of the fantastic views to the islands in the bay. Take a stroll along the promenade or a swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic sea. Life has not changed much in the harbour over the last 100 years and can bring wonderful memories of times gone by. You can stay in a small hotel near the harbour or a luxury hotel in the old town of Dubrovnik, with many other options and prices available. Dubrovnik has accommodation for all budgets and the currency used in Croatia is the Kuna but Euro’s are acceptable also.

Dubrovnik has history, art, beaches, beautiful architecture and a culture that is modern and vibrant without being over the top. The people of Croatia are friendly and this city is sure to become more popular as people discover the joys of a short break or holiday by the Adriatic sea. A visit to Dubrovnik should leave you with lasting memories and the urge to explore more of this stunning place when you return.