Cruises are one of the best ways to discover and travel the world. They offer the opportunity to visit a variety of different countries from the comfort of a luxurious ‘floating hotel’ and are ideal for people who want the flexibility to do as little or as much as they want to. People of all ages enjoy cruises, but they are particularly ideal for those of us who are getting a little older. Many of us have a bit more free time during this stage of life, particularly after retirement, meaning we have the flexibility to go on longer cruise holidays. Longer cruises are fantastic as a way of fully taking advantage of the cruise stop off destinations and often mean you get to see more of the world as a result.


When planning a cruise holiday, many of us automatically think of sun soaked trips to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, but there is actually a huge range of cruises available. If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, then it is certainly worth looking into the different types of cruises on offer. Many of these are ‘once in a lifetime’ trips that provide unforgettable memories and spectacular sights, so they are ideal for travelers looking to explore the ‘less visited’ parts of the world. But what unusual cruise options are available and which are the best for those of us over 50?

The Antarctic:
Known as the White Continent, the Antarctic is truly one of the world’s final frontiers and the magnificence of this destination is certainly unique. Travellers can expect to experience rich history combined with spectacular scenery, of which most is a stunning landscape of ice and snow. On occasion, voyagers can also spot unique wildlife from onboard, including humpback whales and emperor penguins. Often Antarctic cruises include stop offs to countries like Argentina and South Georgia, meaning travellers have the opportunity to see a wide range of different landscapes. An Antarctic cruise is ideal for adventurous over 50s who enjoy active excursions, learning about diverse wildlife and great events in history.

The Far East:
The Far East offers some of the most unusual cruises on the market and voyagers can choose from a plethora of different cruises, including an exotic river cruise on the Mekong to the sun soaked beaches in Thailand. Many choose to travel to the Far East because of its Oriental heritage and tradition, as well as the picturesque landscapes the area offers. Some popular stop offs include Singapore, Vietnam, China and Thailand, which all offer diverse experiences for voyagers. From stunning scenery, exotic cuisine and interesting architecture to traditional culture, the Far East is a great alternative to more the more widely travelled cruise routes.

Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting continents on the globe, which is often why it is chosen as a cruise destination. Travellers can experience a place of contrasts, with bustling vibrant cities like Cape Town compared with stunning landscapes and spectacular wildlife. As such a large continent, Africa offers voyagers a number of different cruise routes. South Africa is a popular one, but more unusual destinations include Kenya, Zanzibar or Egypt. Voyagers can take part in safari excursions or relax on the white sandy beaches Africa is famed for. African cruises are ideal for over 50s who are less active, as many of the excursions don’t require optimum fitness levels.

These are just a few of the more unusual cruise destinations available and they are fantastic for those of us who are over 50, and looking for something a little different. With so much of the world just waiting to be discovered, cruises are a great way of seeing as much as possible. Whether it’s penguins in the Antarctic or river cruising in the Far East, taking unusual cruise holidays is a great way of exploring some of the more untouched and less ‘touristy’ countries across the globe.